Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Months!

These pictures were when we went to the Immigration Office in Centro and we found this really pretty park!

Mmmm... we went and got ice cream thingies at this little ice cream shop -- it was super good!

Hello my beautiful family! I hope you are all doing so great and living it up in the snow!!!! I’m not gonna lie; I miss the snow so much! It was really cool, the other day while we were walking it started to mist AND it felt exactly like snow when it snows really lightly and touches you. It was like snow, but a humid hot snow! Ha-ha! On Tuesday we got to go to Centro to the immigration office for me. I got to see all of the people that were in my district in the MTC! It was so fun seeing how everyone was! One of the elders went home. I was really sad about that, but everyone else I think is doing great! I finally got to see Hermana Hoggan and I cried I was so excited, and so did she, ha-ha! It was our nice little movie moment! We got to go see these really pretty gardens that were close to the immigration office. The pictures I sent you...It was a really fun time. While we were taking the pictures there was this guy in the background working out and grunting really, really loud every time he did a sit-up; it was really awkward, ha-ha! I think he is probably in one of the photos in the background with the big fountain. 

So this week went by so crazy fast! It’s crazy! It started off slow in the beginning but now it’s so crazy how fast the weeks go! The months are slow still but I don’t mind that one bit! It kinda freaks me out how fast the weeks go! Ha-ha, so this week a lot of crazy good things happened and we met a lot of great people. The beginning of this week was slow with teaching people but it picked up really well. First things first. I know that the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel and puts them in situations for them to meet us or have experiences with others that are members. So I think last week I told you about a family where we would look for them, but a different family member would be home. Well this week we went looking for the son, Roman, and found the dad this time! He was the one that we met about a month ago. He is so great and we talked with him for about 15 minutes outside his house. We found him and he is so great! He talked about how it was really hard to have a relationship with his children because he works for weeks and months at a time on a ship and isn’t home a lot. We can’t teach him again because the next morning he had to leave for work for about a month. He is so prepared to receive the gospel and so is his family. We are planning on teaching his family and getting to know them better. But this guy is like a future bishop! He is really amazing. I don’t know if we will ever get a chance to teach him because of exchanges, but I know one day he will be a member of the church with his family. 

I think I told you about a lady named Claudia and I’m pretty sure I sent you a picture of her and her daughters. Well, she is struggling and we haven’t taught her for a while, but Saturday night we went looking for her and found her daughter alone in the house with her 2 year old daughter. We just started chatting with her and taught her the beginning lessons, and invited her to church. She was asking a lot of questions like why it was so important that she should go to church? We explained and she really wanted peace in her life and we told her that she could feel that in church. The next day we went and picked her up, along with her daughter, and they came to church with us! She loved it so much and just kept talking about how beautiful it all was! It was so great. She’s coming to an activity with us on Thursday with her daughter. Later after church we went and found a reference. Her name is Paula and she is 17 and has a little 2 month old baby. When we started teaching her, during the prayer someone walked in and it was Abril -- the girl that came to church with her 2 year old daughter. They are both friends and we taught them both. It was really good that she was there in the lesson, because she was helping explain how she loved going to church and how beautiful it was! It was really, really cool how the timing worked with that and she was able to be friends with her and come and help us teach her about the church! 

I know that the Lord prepares us for situations we need to be in. I know that the Lord has prepared the people we are teaching now, and is preparing the people we are going to teach in the future. We all have a plan in our lives, we all are unique and all have a purpose. We can all live God’s plan of happiness and return to live with him again. Something I really like to think of is we have so little time here on this earth and eternity after this life. We are preparing now for eternity, what we want our eternity to be like. We don’t have much time to prepare now, so what are you going to do to have your eternity be amazing and how you want it? It really all depends on how we live our life now. It’s important to read in the scriptures and gain a relationship with the words of God. It’s important to pray and feel the love he has for you, so you can also build a relationship with him. I know this church is true without a doubt and I am so grateful every day for the trials I have in my mission because I know I can overcome them with the help of the Lord and his guidance and that applies for everyone else on this earth. I love this gospel and I love all of you so much! Pray, read, and love your family so much! I love you all and hope you have a great week full of blessings! 

Love Hermana Velasquez

Ether 12:27 READ IT! Please....

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