Monday, September 28, 2015

Campeche yo quiero estar aya!

Meet my new companion! ....yeah, we don't get it either... surprise!

First thing… I’m healthy! I didn’t go to the doctor this week and I’m fine!

So I left Campeche and I’m not the happiest about it, but it’s all for a reason. I am now back in Merida...sad day. I am with Hermana Hoggan again! I did NOT see that coming and neither did she! We are in an area called Garcia Gineres; it’s in the center of Merida. It’s a big city with lots of rich people and I don’t like rich people because they want nothing to do with religion. Everyone says this area is really, really hard, but we are going to work our buns off and change that! I know that my time was done in Campeche and I just need to accept it, but there are people here that I can get to know and help, and I’m glad to do it all with Hermana Hoggan. 

So my last week In Alameda was so great! We worked hard and found a lot of great people to teach. Ricardo received the priesthood yesterday too and it was so great to see! He was really hesitant to receive it because he felt that it was all so fast for him, but he then realized that it was important to progress more. He is so great and I learned so much from this guy. He has overcome so much and has changed so much for the better, and he is going to continue to do so! 

I’m excited to see what is going to happen here in the new area. We have lots of work to do and I know that the Savior will help us in our endeavors! I love you all and hope you have a great week and keep living with happiness and joy to be alive and well with your families. 

Les Quiero mucho,
Hermana Velasquez

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's been a good one!!!

We went to some gardens with Shayron, a member that came with us today.
She is getting ready for the mission.

Today for p day we went on the hunt for root beer and we had success! Shayron is a member that came with us.

Jose and Yesena
15 de Septiembre! 
One family here bought me a viva Mexico hat with a couple of other Mexican things, ha-ha! They loved that I was there with them to enjoy their day of independence! It was a blast!

I ate posole again. The first food I ever ate here in Mexico and exactly a year later I ate it again, but this time I really liked it!
Hermana Vero 
Hermano Ricardo 
Hermano Erik
They are all so great! Ricardo is the one I have been writing about that had the heart attack that is really stubborn to get baptized, but it’s okay!
The sign on the car says “I am selling this car because it brings back bad memories”, ha-ha!

He really is not a serious guy; he actually reminds me lots of dad, but Ricardo jokes about drinking, ha-ha!

So this week started off really great! On Tuesday started the festivities here in Mexico for their independence day. We went and ate with some members of the ward and they fed us bosoli and it was so good and very filling! They bought me a hat and some other great gems and they were all taking pictures of me with all of my “vive Mexico” get-up. It was pretty funny! They loved having an American to experience Mexico with them! Ha-ha! Compared to my area last year, there weren’t lots of people drinking in the streets so that was good! 

On Wednesday we had intercombios with two other Hermanas and it went really good. I left the area and that was only my second time ever leaving my area in my mission and it really helped me feel a little more relaxed to just work in another area for a day. I went with another American and I have not talked so much English in a long time. It was really weird and really hard to speak English! While we were there we taught this part member family. We were talking to the nonmember and he said he wants to get baptized, but he will never believe in Jose Smith. He just can’t get himself to accept that a boy had a revelation like that. I had a cool experience with Hermana Allen in this lesson. As we were teaching about him we began to testify of how we have come to know that Jose Smith really saw God the Father and his Son. As I was testifying of what I knew was true I could just feel that the words I was saying were true and I received the strongest confirmation that what I was saying was true and was coming from God. It was just the coolest experience. He still hasn’t come to accept it and I don’t know if this guy ever will. I hope he will; he just faults to ask God if Jose Smith really restored the church, but through it all, I had my testimony grow. 

So the big stuff....on Monday night we went to go eat with Hermana Vero and Ricardo. When we got there Ricardo was in the shower so we started eating. When he got out he just sat in front of me and asked us: “What do I have to do to get baptized?” We told him the lessons that he still had to get from us, and he asked “I think it’s time that I get baptized.” His wife was sitting next to me and was like -  “are you joking?! This isn’t something you can or should joke about”, and with his serious face (which he never has) he said “Yes. As I was in the shower I felt bad, I just felt really bad like I could have died. At that moment I knew I needed to get baptized and that there wasn’t a reason to say no anymore. When is the fastest I can be baptized?"  We set a date for Saturday and HE GOT BAPTIZED! It was the greatest thing I have ever seen! His son baptized him and his wife was just sitting next to us just beaming! I was so happy to witness his change of heart and his conversion. That is one thing that I just love about the mission, to see someone get converted right in front of your eyes! I love this family with all my heart and they are just one big step closer to being an eternal family! 

After the baptism he got invited by a Seventy that came to Campeche to go to a special meeting that’s for people who haven’t gone through the temple. After that meeting he has a HUGE desire to go get married in the temple! It’s just all so great! And the next week he is going to receive the priesthood! I just love this gospel and the amazing blessings that it can bring to everyone! I love these opportunities I have had to meet these amazing people and be a little part of their conversion! I know this church is true and I know Joseph Smith restored this church. I know the prophet today is called of God to do the work. I know families can be together forever! I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Les Quiero mucho!
Hermana Velasquez

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Challenges Bring Blessings: "Night of White", Mexico City Temple dedication, and 5 shots in the behind!

We went back to immigration on Thursday and we went and took pictures here again. (See November 2014 pics)

I had a little party for you guys with these two here in Mexico! 
Dafne! and her family! 

I saw Hermana Hoggan on Thursday! It was a great reunion! 
Hey fam!!!
First things first: 
Happy Birthday Padre E grande! I hope you have the best day today!!!! 
Happy Birthday Misty!!! Hope you had a super day! You’re awesome!!!
Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!! Hope you have a great day! Love you bunches!
Happy Birthday Charli!!!! You’re so old - felicidades!!!
Happy Anniversary Tia and Matt!!!!!!!!
Happy Anniversary MOM AND DAD!!!!! 36 YEARS AND GOING STRONG!!!!! 

Love you all so much!!!!

So this week was a little crazy, but ended really well. Surprise, surprise… I was sick again this week. I had an infection in my throat. They first thought I had dengue again because I had a really high fever, but it just ended up being a strong infection in my throat. So therefore, I am getting shots every day for 5 days in the behind.... the one thing I don’t like about Campeche is the doctors. 

On Wednesday we went to Merida to go to immigration because I’ve been here for one year now and I had to sign some papers.  I got to see Hermana Hoggan and that was really fun! I love seeing her! We also got to see a few others of my friends here and that was good! When we came back we were able to go out and work a little bit, but almost no. We were able to see the people we have that are progressing so that was good!

On Saturday we had this night that was called “night of white”. It was a huge baptism of 18 people in the stake that got baptized. And Dafne was able to get baptized and it was so great! I was really happy for her and she just looked so cute! She was just smiling so big the whole time; she was very nervous, but she did it with lots of excitement and bravery! I really do love this little girl, she’s just got a huge heart and a strong spirit, and she is a really good example to me. Every time I am able to see someone get baptized it is just the biggest confirmation for me that this church is true, and that I know these people are taking a huge step and are making such a great promise to the Lord and the blessings they will receive are life changing. 

On Sunday we were able to go and watch the dedication of the Mexico City temple!  We also got to watch the cultural event and it was really pretty. It talked about when the church came to Mexico and how they all had to go to Arizona to get to the temple and when they got one here in Mexico it was a huge blessing for them. In the dedication Elder Holland spoke and it was so powerful! He spoke about family history and how we are the saviors for our ancestors. He can really bring the spirit in! This made me really excited for conference that’s coming in less than a month! 

Well in all of the craziness in this week we were still able to receive and witness great blessings here. I know the Lord watches over us every moment we are here and that he wants us to succeed in everything we do!  Eric - I am so excited for you and for the growth your family will receive through your new calling as Bishop! I know your ward will be blessed and that they will learn a lot from you! Felicidades Hermano! 

Thanks for getting married mom and dad, and for not stopping at 5 kids so I could be here! Love you all so much and hope that you all have a great week! I love hearing from you all so much! too Tia... Count your blessings and love every day with your family! 

Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Velasquez