Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Eating Octopus, Happily Walking in the Hot Sun, and a Near Marriage Proposal!

The guy in the middle with the glasses is Alijandro, who left on his mission to Mexico City. The others are youth in the branch.

Any guesses what this is?

We had a Family Home Evening with the familia de dios! That’s their last name; the family from God. It’s pretty great! They made us these really good treats; they were like scones, but with cheese in it, with cinnamon.
This is Dafne. She is one of our investigators who’s going to be baptized in this month; she just had her birthday yesterday! She’s a cutie.
Hi, Hola, Que honda, Buenas Tardes,

So this week just went by like a blur! It was all so great and lots better than the other semana because we were actually able to work! We were able to get lots done and find some great people! We had lots of lessons and well, it was just nice to have a normal week again! I hated being in our house last week, so it felt even better being out in the hot sun!

Well, for starters I can’t remember if I told you in the last letter, but last Saturday this person named Pablo called us and I talked with him. He told me I contacted him on a bus two weeks ago and he wants to come to church! I was pretty excited about that and the best part was that he showed up! He came in a little late to sacrament meeting, but none the less he was there. He came to the next class and he got a little weird and kept touching my arm and every time I just kinda jumped a little further away from him in my seat and ended up moving chairs. Then after that he was asking us if sister missionaries could get married and we explained after the mission we can date and get married and all that good stuff.  Well, long story short, he was convinced that he wanted to marry me and it really freaked me out. He was talking to my companion about it during the last class and he said that he was going to wait for me ‘til February to marry me. She set him straight real quick. He just shook my hand and didn’t look me in the eye and said bye, ha-ha.  He lives in another area and is talking with other elders about the gospel. It was quite the show! 

We are also still working with Ricardo. He is super great and is progressing really well. He really likes coming to church with his family and they are really supportive of him too. He even does the extra work at the end of the folletos that we give him to read. He just still lacks faith in himself. He has a hard past life and just can’t let it go. I have no doubt he will find the faith in himself and accept to be baptized.  We’ve just got to have patience and be diligent with him. The first time we started talking with him he did NOT want us to come back to speak with him. (Every Monday night we go and eat with their family and have an fhe.) And now he gets mad when we are late to the lessons, ha-ha.  He is super great and tells me that I should just cut off my feet so they don’t hurt anymore. Without fail every time we go he tells me that, ha-ha. I really just love this family so much! They are a great example to me! Especially the mom, Hermana Vero. She has been waiting for years for her husband to stop drinking and smoking and to go to church and after 20 years he has changed. It is possible! It is VERY possible for anyone to change from their bad habits and addictions. This lady has had so much hope, faith and patience with her husband, and still does and now she is getting blessings right and left. Ricardo almost died and now he is slowly changing his life to the path the Lord has had for him this whole time. He just had to move all the beer cans and cigar butts off the floor to see the path to follow, and now it’s clear and easier to do so. I know that the Lord loves us and always will.  He has a plan for us and we can ALWAYS return to the straight and narrow path through the plan that he has built for us. Our God is merciful and loving. We need to be the same, and forgive others as well as ourselves. I love you all so much and I’m glad you all had a great holiday weekend!
 2 Timoteo 4:7 we can always make it through anything when we keep our faith

les quiero mucho,
Hermana Velasquez

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