Tuesday, December 9, 2014

4 Months!

This is a member in our ward. He and his family are my favorite in the ward! Ha-ha, they are the ones that I ate with for my birthday! He reminds me a lot of you, dad!

Me and a member that is in our ward.
 Yasmir, our investigator that is Cuban and a boxer, and Jacky his girlfriend that is a member.

This is a cool painting on the side of the building we found while walking.
So I am officially done with my training and no longer a new missionary. I am still in my same area but I have a new companion; her name is Hermana Bailey. She is from Utah and has been in the mission 8 months. I also got your package in the mail today when we were at the offices! I haven’t looked through it yet, I’ll probably wait for Christmas to look at all the goodies! 

So this last week was pretty much the same as always. We found two new investigators that are pretty great! They both have cute little kids. I honestly at the moment can’t remember much for this week but it was good. Domingo we had church and it was a really good fast and testimony meeting. Hermana Manzana and I gave our testimonies; she pretty much gave a farewell talk because she knew she was leaving, and when I spoke everyone just stopped what they were doing and watched as I struggled with some words and had a different accent, ha-ha - but it was good and I shared about receiving blessings and to be grateful for our circumstances in our lives. After sacrament was over everyone was asking Hermana Manzano if she was the one that was leaving because of her testimony, ha-ha - but yeah, she’s the one that left so it worked out, ha-ha. Oh funny story. So during the partaking of the sacrament, the water was not water. They had to use juice because there was a problem with the water, but the funny thing was nobody knew that it wasn’t water. So we were one of the first people to drink the water and not expecting it, it was super weird! Ha-ha, then it was so funny because we just watched everyone else drink what they thought was water and the reactions were so funny and the youth that blessed the sacrament were trying not to laugh because everyone was getting all weird about the water/juice, ha-ha - it was so great! 

Also on Sunday we got to watch the devotional and it was soooo great! One of our investigators came with us, Adrian, the joven that is 18.  He really, really liked it. It was so fun at the beginning of the devotional to be able to see Temple Square with lights! I was so excited when they showed that! The devotional was really great! I didn’t understand everything but for the most part I did! I loved the talks and the choir! It was super great! We had a meeting with our zone and another zone with the president of the mission about el es la dadiva. I don’t know the name in English but it’s the new video for Christmas that the first presidency sent out about Jesucristo and remembering him esta navidad. They gave us cards to pass along to people to help us with contacting and getting referrals. During the meeting they sent half of us to one park and the other half to another. We went out and gave these cards to other people and got addresses to teach them. It’s amazing how many people just give their addresses out to missionaries. I think it’s because we look pretty dang trustworthy. Ha-ha - and we also sang Christmas hymns in the park. We also use the cards every day to contact in the Calles and bus. It really helps and the link to the video is on there too! So find this video and share with other people on Facebook! Remind others why we celebrate Christmas and the true meaning. Jesus Christ is our gift that we received for this Christmas and every Christmas to come! Always remember to teach others and your children about him and his great sacrifice for us! Yo soy muy agradecido por el y por la ama de el por todo personas en la tierra. Yo se que podemos simple recurado el y todo cosas el hace por nosotros! Simple recurado El es la dadiva! I hope you all have a great week and continue to be grateful for everything you have and all of the blessings for your life. Under every circumstance that comes our way always be grateful and look for those blessings because they are always there. Whether big or small, we can always receive them. I know that if we pray earnestly and with real intent we can receive what we want and especially what we need! Always focus on what is truly important in life and we can truly live happily if we want to, through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you and have a great week! Pray always and read your scriptures. They are the words of our Heavenly Father! 

Love always, Hermana Velasquez

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