Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"I was like a proud mother to their child..."

This was during our trip to Tixcocob.  (According to Wikipedia: The small Municipality of Tixkokob is one of the 106 subdivisions of the State of Yucatán in Mexico. Its municipal seat is located in the City of Tixkokob. The town of Tixkokob is famous within the area for high quality hammock weaving.)

Hospital, Round 3... So, I think when I was getting all of the allergy shots (5) after my mosquito bites (40-something) they may have hit a nerve. I have a loss of feeling in one of my thighs and it hurts to the touch. They gave me some pills and another shot to help with the inflammation. I'm doing okay!

Me and my companion, Hermana Bailey!

This was me and my companion for the day when we had divisions.

We are in Centro right now and all of the stores have a TON of these for people to buy for Christmas!
So good to be together! Hermana Velasquez, Hermana Cokerham, Hermana Hoggan... friends since the MTC!

So this week was a little crazy and really hard at the same time, but me and my companion both learned a lot. It started off again pretty interesting with a trip to the hospital. The last time I went was for bug bites and I had to get 5 shots and from those five shots, the person that gave them to me we think hit one of my nerves and now I’ve lost some feeling in my upper right leg and it hurts sometimes when I do certain stuff. Don’t freak out mom, I’m not dying just a problem. So now I got another shot to help with the inflammation and I have to take some pills two times a day for 7 days and if it doesn’t get better I have to go to a different doctor. But really I’m doing fine and I can walk and run in the mornings still. 

So Sunday we had to give talks in our ward about missionary work. We really wanted to hit 'em hard with some good hard scriptures, but we decided if we did that we wouldn’t get any lunch for the rest of the time we are here. So we each took parts of the missionary work and talked about it. I talked about how to share this gospel with others and the blessing that can come from it all. I was pretty pleased with myself. And in the end I used a little bit of dads story and talked about how because of one person inviting him to church there are now 24 of us who are members because of that one person’s choice of inviting him to church. I also talked about how the boys went on missions and how they shared the gospel with other people in different countries and changed other people’s lives as well. It was really good and I actually felt like they understood me and knew what I was saying! My companion spoke about missionaries and members working together. After we were both done and sacrament meeting was over a lot of members came up to us and told us that we did a good job and said that they have people they want us to teach and others want to have FHE with us and their families or friends. It was seriously a blessing that we got to speak. Some of the hermanos in our ward that are probably dads age came up to me and one was talking about how much better my Spanish was and how much better my talk was this time, and the other one came up later and said kind of the same thing and was saying how well it was and how fast I improved and again how much better my talk was this time and all I was thinking was "wow, was my first talk really that bad?" Ha-ha, but my first talk was only my second week here. 

  After church two of the young men came up to us and invited us for this FHE they were putting together real fast with menus activos and miembros and nuestro investigar that is 18, Adrain, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about him. Well that night we went over to their house for family home evening and it was probably one of the greatest nights of my mission so far. Well one of the top 3. We had other people from our ward there and some less active members and Adrain. The two boys showed two different videos one of them being He is the Gift and then they shared their testimonies and then turned the time over to us and we didn’t know they were going to do that and we didn’t really plan anything, so we just got up and shared our testimonies and then I asked everyone to go around and share how the gospel has blessed their life. It was so perfect because almost all of them were converts, not all, but almost. Then we had two recent converts there too. One is 17 and the other was a married couple that’s about the same age as Adam. So as they went around they started directing their stories and testimonies straight to Adrain and I didn’t know how he would feel about that because he gets pretty nervous around other people and he is very timid as well, but it was actually perfect for him. Some people shared their conversion stories and others just shared blessings that came into their lives. After everyone was done sharing one of the youth asked for someone to say the prayer and right before they got up Adrain asked if he could get up and share something. I was like a proud mother to their child that just learned how to ride a bike, I’m not lying. I was so pumped I was about to fall off my chair. So he got up and bore his testimony on how this gospel has already changed his life so much and how much he loves this gospel and already wants to go on a mission! I seriously wanted to start clapping for him when he said in the name of Jesus Christ amen. That little moment made my whole mission so far. The only problem we have with him is that he hasn’t been able to come to church yet because he has work every single Sunday but he has come to every activity and loves the Book of Mormon and he is just so great! He actually reminds me a lot of dad. I could see them being a lot like when dad was going through all of this. 

So on Saturday our whole zone went to a pueblo and sang in a park and gave gifts to people that had a Book of Mormon and folletos and other things. Before then we all went out and invited people and contacted people on the streets and went and found less active members and invited them to come. We went on splits with the youth in the stake. The girl I had was pretty great. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know the area at all and I’ve never been in charge of another person before, but it went really good and it was way fun. We sang and contacted people and it was really fun! The little town was really fun and it was a really good experience for me to kind of have a little more confidence with taking the lead on everything for the day. I have another cool story that happened last night in Centro after the Christmas party but I need something to tell you all when we skype so I think I’ll save it for Thursday! I am super excited to skype you all and see all of your beautiful faces and see the cutest kids EVER! I’m trying not to think about it too much ha-ha, but I love you all and I want you to all always remember how blessed you all are every day for the life that you have, and the family you have in your life. Every day that I am here I see someone that doesn’t have much but is so happy with what they have. That’s what is important. Just be happy with your family and your life and this gospel, because it really changes so many people’s lives. I love you all and can’t wait to see ALL of your faces! I’m really counting on seeing every single one of you when we skype! I love you! 
Simple leer en su libro de mormon solo y con su familia.
Simple orar con su familia cada noche y manana.  
Simple recurado la amor de Dios y Nuestro hermana Jeuscristo.

Con muchísimas Amor, Hermana Velasquez!

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