Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Mexico, from me to all of you!
This was my beautiful view from the house we skyped from on Christmas Day!
We put our Christmas packages "under the tree"!
Merry Christmas everyone, from Hermana Velasquez in Mexico!

A Christmas Eve look at a typical Mexican street with all the little Mexican flags!
Here I am with Hermana Felipa on Christmas Eve!
A little fun in our hammocks on Christmas Eve!
The Bishop gave us some sparkling cider to celebrate the holidays when we went to visit him on Christmas Eve!

Hello my beautiful family! I LOVED seeing your beautiful faces soooo much! I'm not going to lie I was super antsy to talk to you all and was so nervous, but so excited! My companion was just laughing behind me the whole time because our family is a lot different than hers, ha-ha! She only has two other siblings and I have 5 plus many, many others! I loved all of it! But don't worry, I wasn't trunky after it all or anything, I actually felt a lot better after than I did before. It gave me a good energy for this next couple of months I think. I hope you all enjoyed it as well! I was surprised how much all of you have actually changed in a short (almost 5 months) time!

I don't have too much to share with you all this week because I caught you all up on everything over skype. But some cool things did happen Friday and Saturday. On Friday we found some pretty great new investigators by accident. While we were walking on the road I had a rock in my shoe and stopped by this house to pick it out, and then my diligent companion was looking for this house that we have been looking for, for like a week, and it was one house over from the house that I was standing in front of. She yelled for me to come back over then this lady comes walking out, and we're both like crap because she heard my companion yelling for me in a different language (English) and we were both just standing there at her door and my companion asked if her name was Maria and it was her and she invited us right in! That doesn't usually happen, like at all. We got in and found out that she has two little kids; one 9 and one 10 and they are super great. The little boy was super timid and nervous around us and during the lesson he comes up to us and hands us pop very timidly, and 1, we were fasting, and 2, it was Coke and we aren't allowed to drink Coke here on the mission. So it was super awkward when we had to tell him that we couldn't drink it, and he felt so bad, but Maria was super nice and understanding about it so that was good. We taught her and her little girl about the plan de salvation and they both had a lot of questions. Before we left she told us that her husband was telling her that they needed to find a good congregation to go to for their children, and that was super cool!

Well that's all for this week, I'm running out of time, but this week was really great. We had a great Christmas together talking to you guys and visiting with other people here and sharing about the birth of our Savior. I love you all so much and hope you all have the best week! Thanks for being the best supporting family ever! I love you all bunches!

love, Hermana Velasquez!

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