Friday, January 30, 2015

I love to see the temple; I'm going there TOMORROW!

Mango season is here! We have mangoes galore here! This is my first time ever eating a fresh mango. Normalmente they are the dried ones from Costco but the real deal is much better! 
I finally got my other Christmas gift! The family calendar that my mom made! A year full of family photos! Love it!

 To be honest, I can’t remember much from this week! It’s all turning into a big blur!! One thing that I am so excited about is going to the temple tomorrow with one of the recent converts! We got a text from our district leader on Wednesday telling us that we could go through if we had names and if we had a recent convert come with us. Our mission has really been focusing on family history work this last month and we are continuing to do so. It’s actually really fun, but we haven’t gotten a lot of time to look thought it all and find more people in our families. We’ve been helping one of our recent converts look for her family, but no luck! We even have the big guns there helping, but it will be cool to be able to do baptisms with her tomorrow! We are going in at 5 IN THE MORNING! We are leaving here at 4:30 to get there, but it will be worth it! I think that is so cool that we all get to go and do names in the temple this week! It really is such a blessing for us to have the opportunity to do this! Thank you Eric for all of your work with this! You will get extra bonus points in heaven for this! 

On Friday I got a little bit of a cold and had a fever and yeah, it was fun. I didn’t really realize I had a fever until an old lady slapped her hand on my head and told me I looked like crap and should go take a shower because I had a fever. We called the president’s wife (she’s our little mission nurse) and we went home for like an hour and I had to lie in my not-so-comfy hammock. We had a meeting with the bishop after and a Family Home Evening with the ward after that. While we were there everyone just told me how bad I looked because I wasn’t feeling good. I just love their honesty here! Then when we got to all of the members I didn’t want to touch them and get them sick so I did this little awkward fist bumping thing with all of them, then this old lady in her wheelchair that falls asleep every 5 minutes just grabbed my head, hugged me and was like “I don’t care if you’re sick”, and then kissed me on my cheeks twice so I would get better. Ha-ha!

Not much else happened this week, but I’m hoping the mejor for the next week! Yesterday in church, my companion and I randomly got asked to give talks right before church started so we both gave talks that we didn’t prepare for at all, but he told us what to talk about. I was given “how we can apply preach my gospel book to our lives” and I really had no idea what to say but I made it through talking for 15-ish minutes, so that was good! I was trying not to laugh because that same lady that kissed me while I was sick that falls asleep every 5 minutes was asleep in the back, snoring really loud. It was a great moment really. Ha-ha! But during the classes we talked a lot about Joseph Smith and his life. The class was really great and he really was a man called of God. He restored this gospel for us and did exactly what the Lord asked of him. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he was so willing for the job. I am grateful for him and the strong faith that he had to pray that day in the grove. There were a lot of great ideas that people shared about him and the gospel that he restored. We have a perfect gospel and a perfect church that we live in and I am so grateful for it. Love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Oh one last chiste: the same lady that falls asleep gave the prayer in the class. She fell asleep twice during the prayer and then at the end she just said in the name of Jesus Christ....and then everyone said amen and she was OUT! Ha-ha! My companion and I were just trying not to laugh too hard. She really is just a sweet heart, but just never gets enough sleep! 

Con Amor
Hermana Velasquez

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