Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No letters??? Please read https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/are-we-not-all-beggars?lang=eng

(Mother's prelude: We were a bit "late" getting letters sent this week due to unforeseen circumstances, but several of us got letters through in time... including mom and dad!)
So I only got a letter from Eric this week so I read some old letters and pretended that they were new ones from this week. That’s pretty sad people!
Also I’m going on a picture strike. I need some good cute, funny pictures of my nieces and nephews! I send pictures every week to you all and I need a little in return. Just so you know I have pictures of, and in, a nacho libre car, in the jungle, me and my comp boxing, and more really, really pretty ones of my face. I know not all of you are slacking on the photos but those who are...you know who you are! This goes for you too mom and dad!

This week was super long but it was all very good! On Monday we found a new family that is pretty amazing actually. The mom asked if she could be baptized in like two weeks so there’s that. Ha-ha! It’s a really good family; she has a daughter and son that are in their teens. We´ve also found some others that we’re hoping will continue on! We had the family Foster come to church this Sunday and that was a pretty big thing for them. They all really liked it! They still need to get married before they can progress to baptism, but they are getting there! Money here is the biggest thing that stops people from getting married. It’s pretty sad how many it effects here.
This last week we went to have a baptismal interview for one of our investigators with the president and he passed, but they still have to get married and it’s this super long process and I probably won’t be here to see it all, but just as long as it happens for them! I have been here teaching them this whole time I’ve been here. He has been waiting a long time to get baptized. We have transfers in two more weeks so we´re really trying to see what we can do before then. Oh, something really cool that we found out yesterday. We get to go to the MOVIES! The movie Meet the Mormons is coming out in Spanish next week and the church rented out a theater for the day for all of the members to go and watch it, and we found out that we are able to go too! Adam told me it was really good and some others did too.

Really this week I learned that hard work really does pay off. Our ward is getting stronger, and they are all getting more involved with missionary work. The bishop has really been helping us out lately too. We have really seen our ward here change ALOT! We have been able to see a lot of blessings in the families. I really am so glad that I have this much time in this area and I would love to have another 6 weeks here with my companion. We are having so much fun with this ward and with all of our new investigators. It was really hard and dead in the first 6 weeks together in this area, but now it’s time to see the fruits of our labors! And there are many! I love being able to be here on the mission so much and I know my life wouldn’t have been nearly the same without all that I have learned just in these first 6 months! A year sounds a long time away, but I know it will go so fast and it freaks me out sometimes, but I can’t wait to see what new things I can learn and do! I am so thankful for all of you every day and thanks for all of your prayers and loves that you give me every week!
I love this church so much and I am so grateful for it every moment I am here. I love that I can feel so close to the spirit in some of the hardest and most scary times here. I know that the Lord looks out for each and every one of us and wants us to succeed. I am so thankful for the plan that we have here on this earth and I am even more grateful for the chance to be with my family for eternity!
P.S. The real reason why I didn’t send any pics is because it’s not working, but I really do need to see you all! The best most random, weird, funny picture of our families wins a really good prize. So next week I must be seeing some good ones! And the prize is really good!
Love you all! Have great week full of love and blessings!
Con Amor, Hermana Velasquez

I decided to start this thing to send a good talk every week that you HAVE to read. This talk really hit home with me. I have never understood or will ever understand why people have to live in harder circumstances than others, but it’s for a reason. Being here has really put being born in the church in perspective for me.

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