Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Remember who the gardener is: https://www.lds.org/new-era/2001/04/the-currant-bush?lang=eng&query=current+bush

Last night we were walking back to our house and this dog started following us. My companion HATES dogs with a passion and she is really scared of them, so naturally I kept whistling at it to keep following us and it followed us for about a mile, all the way back to our house and then I gave it some food. We named it Chester Jorge De Jesus. We woke up the next morning and it was still there. So now we have a guard dog. Hermana Bailey wasn't too happy about it...
Last Monday my bishop went to Costco and came back with chicken bakes for me and my companion!
We won our volleyball game today!

mom's observation: all of the Hermanas are American, but 70% of the Elders are Mexican.
We went to the hospital 3 times this week...but don’t worry; none of them were for me so I’m all clear here, no need to worry! My companion just got a little sick here and there during the week. This whole week was pretty busy with everything else but getting out and working with our investigators. It was a little rough, but we were still busy. 

On Tuesday my companion and I got to go to the leader conference by the mission president that they have with all of the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. We got to go eat at this fancy hotel and everything. It was all morning and afternoon. We both learned A LOT from it and have a lot of good new ideas to apply to our area. It was really fun to see how it all works. They have one every month and then they all come back and teach what they learned to their zones. So we heard it all twice, but it was all really good! Then the next day we went and had our interviews with the president and it was really great! We have these little family history books that we use to teach family history to other people, and it has pictures in it of our families and all. During the interview he said that our family is all so beautiful and lots more good things! He helped me a lot with everything! 

I have really learned a lot of things in these 6 months here. The main two is to be patient. I really have to be patient in this area. With EVERYTHING! Sometimes it gets really hard to be patient with our investigators. About all but 2 aren’t married. I never thought this would be my biggest trial here on my mission. They all have kids; some families of 9, others with like 3 or 4, but they just aren’t married. Most of the time it’s because their spouse is married to another person and that makes it a lot harder to get them married for them to get baptized. We have this family that we are teaching and they have 9 kids. We found out last week that they aren’t married, and that he has been separated from his wife for 16 years. We have been teaching them the importance of getting married and all. I know they will all get baptized, but I probably won’t be able to be here to see it all happen, but that’s okay as long as it happens! 

Another thing that I have learned is to notice those blessings and miracles here on the mission. They really are everywhere, every day. Even if they are little it doesn’t matter, it still happened! This week we had two of our investigators in the church that we didn’t think were going to make it, and they both showed up! It was the best little surprise for us!  That was a big miracle for us this week. But we can all notice these little blessings every day, because we all have them! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week with everything. Thanks so much for all of the emails, they all really do start off my week really well… if I get some from ALL of you! :) Thanks for being such a wonderful supportive family! 

This is a talk I read this week that I just really love! I know they have a Mormón message about it but this was the first time I read the talk so I thought I would share it. Love you all and hope you all take time to read this sometime soon! 

Con Amor Hermana Velasquez

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