Monday, April 13, 2015


Vicente got baptized on Friday!

Practicing for the baptism...
One more picture with the family Foster.
Our last supper with the bishop!
Both Hermana Bailey and I got transferred from Pacabtun.

So excited!!! My new companion is Hermana Hoggan! We've been friends since the MTC!
 Okay first things first! Thanks for all the prayers with Vicente, he got baptized on Friday!!!! And was confirmed yesterday! They had 4 people in there to baptize him, it was a little stressful! They had him float on his back and then they all just pushed him down into the water. It was the most different baptism I have ever seen, but it was so good and he was sooo happy. He gave his testimony and it was just the best and I was just so proud of him and how far he has come! His wife died 4 years ago and was VERY Catholic! Missionaries talked to them a long time ago when they were both in the house, but it didn’t go anywhere, but thanks to those elders for planting the seed, he was baptized and is now progressing to eternity. The ward is going to take him to the temple in the end of this month to go and do or watch baptisms for the dead, I’m not really sure which.
We also had transfers and....My companion left to another area. Hermana Bailey is in Centro right now and I....also got changed! I am in Campeche right now with Hermana Hoggan!!! She came with me from the MTC. Campeche is a different state in Mexico. It’s more by the ocean. I guess we can see it from the area and go closer on p-days so that will be fun! And she says there are A LOT of hills so we will see how this goes! I was really, really sad to leave Pacabtun, but it’s good to get out and grow. They are putting elders in the area. (It’s a little dangerous in one of our areas at night so yeah, (don’t worry mom!).)

This morning we went and saw Vicente and he thought that only one of us was going to be leaving. It was probably one of the hardest goodbyes I have ever done. We went with a member to go see him and Hermana Bailey and I just started tearing up and the member told him that we were both leaving cuz we couldn’t do it. He just put his face in his hands and started to cry. I felt so, so bad. He has just gotten baptized and we both had to leave him. I have faith that the ward will really watch out for him, and I really hope that he gets along really well with the new elders. He really has changed my life and I will miss him so much, but I know that is why we both had to be there one transfer longer to help him be baptized. I am so happy for him and the choice he made, and I know he is so happy too!

I am really sad that we both had to leave, but I know it was for a reason and we are both going to grow in our new areas! I am so excited to start here in Alameda Campeche. Everyone always says it’s so much different than Merida! Vamos a ver! Sorry I don’t have too much to write this week, but I hope that you all have had the best week and thank you for all of your prayers and support for me!

Yo simpre muy agradicido por ustedes! Yo se que los familias son eturnas y que podemos a continuar a cressar en nuestro vidas aqui! Gracias por todo!
Les amo mucho!
Hermana Velasquez

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