Monday, June 8, 2015

Dengue fever, 10 dogs...and 7 investigators!

Here's the SHARK dish that we ate last week!

I gave my companion a HAIRCUT!

We had a great time together in the hospital!
I ate my companion's hospital food.  It was the most Mexican ever!
Poor Hermana Hoggan has Dengue.

Here I am with one of the other Hermana's we're staying with right now, Hermana Ellgen!
Okay, just to get right into it all -- this week my poor companion got Dengue and was sick this week. On Thursday we went to the hospital and then we were in the back ER room for a long time, and then we got put into a room to stay in overnight. We just hung out there that day on Thursday and I slept on this little couch bed next to her and boy, did I miss my hammock! I really do love that thing! I really hate hospital beds. Anyway, so on Friday, while she was still in the hospital, I left with other members to go teach our lessons, and I just felt so bad for Hermana Hoggan the whole time!  But it was a good experience to go out with other Hermanas from the ward that are preparing for the mission! We went and had a really good lesson with a member’s mom. Hermana Arely was with me that day and she shared her story about her family of how they were inactive for a long time and she had to go to church all alone, but she did it because it was important to her. It really hit the mom, because her son was the only member in the family and was going to church all alone. He has 19 years and he wants to go on a mission too! 

On Saturday night Hermana Arely and I went to go see Daniel and his mom. We got to the house and they weren’t there yet so we waited. It was almost 8:30 so we decided to go up the hill to go see someone else. As we were walking up the dogs just started barking like crazy at us and as we kept walking they started coming out of the houses. We went to turn around and there were 5 right in front of us, then about 5 others came out and they were just barking SUPER loud! So she had my hand and we were just laughing/screaming as we were trying to get away. She started to run a little and that freaked the dogs out so I yelled at her to walk! Then she got bit and they had to cut some of her leg skin off...okay not really… we got away by walking really slow. When we got down we just started laughing really hard! Ha-ha! But to be honest, it was a really cool experience, because we were 100 percent Protected and you could just feel it. They all stayed just far enough away that we could get away. It was like we were in this little bubble that they couldn’t enter. It was really cool and I know we were getting help at that point! He really does protect his missionaries! 

After Friday afternoon they let us leave the hospital so the family Perez let us hang out there, because we can’t go into our house, because we might have dengue in our house and someone is going to spray it. So Hermana Hoggan went to her house during the day while I was out with different members and we sleep with other missionaries that live close to us during the night. We have been doing all that since Thursday and still can’t go into our house yet. We are still figuring it all out. The members have all been so great! And the family Perez is really like our parents here!  Ha-ha -- it’s pretty fun with them! They have helped a TON with the house stuff! 

Through it all we had a great turn out at church. About 7 investigators came to church and that NEVER happens for us. They all came and they liked it a lot. We got Daniel’s dad to come and that was a HUGE step for him. They are living together and aren’t married so we are working on them with that! It was really great to see that blessing after the week we had! I know that was a blessing straight from God for us! I KNOW He protects us whenever we need it and I KNOW He answers prayers. I am so grateful for my mission and all of the good and bad experiences we get to have here. Well, there really aren’t bad ones, because they always turn out to be good ones in the end! I love you all so much and thanks for all the pics and videos this week I LOVED them all! I don’t have time to write back to you all because the computer is really, really slow but thanks for remembering me and writing or just sending a pic! You are all the best and I am so grateful for you all! Read your Book of Mormon, Pray because he WILL listen to every jumbled word, and have your noche de hogar tonight! (FHE!) (Family Home Evening).

Love, Hermana Velasquez

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