Monday, June 15, 2015

Working Hard, Cleaning Up, & Becoming Disciples of Christ

Our English lessons have begun!

A member with Hermana Hoggan and me.
We went into a the primary class yesterday and they all had drawn these pictures for us. It was the cutest thing ever! They had all written on them "el senor ayuda las misioneras"! The Lord helps the missionaries.

There is this girl who is obsessed with this band in the United States called Big Time Rush or something like that. But she has this book of facts about them and she spelled out "Rook Poop" trying to spell "rock pop". I had a pretty good laugh with that one!
We went to the market today and I bought some rain shoes, because it's getting crazy here in Mexico with the rainy season starting! Most missionaries just buy jelly shoes for their rain shoes. But this is the part of the market with all of the fruit!

So this week was a lot like last week. On Tuesday we went to the doctor for a checkup for Hermana Hoggan and he said that she couldn’t leave the house to work 'til Friday, and I just had this big boom of stress set right on me and I think Hermana Hoggan too! I felt bad because I know she didn’t want to stay in the house all day. So Tuesday we didn’t have anyone to leave with me so we were in the house all day, sooo I cleaned, and boy did I clean! I couldn’t just sit still or anything so I cleaned for like 3 hours or longer and it looked pretty dang good to me! We had some guys come in to put in the things in the windows to help with the mosquitos. In their efforts of doing that they were drilling the walls and other things and after they left there was mud all over the floor and cement chipped off the wall all over so I just gave up and didn’t want to clean ever again! Ha-ha.

The next few days I was able to leave with two other missionaries and go see people, and some young women went with me too! It was a really great learning experience for me too! It helped push me a lot! I really liked it actually, because it helps me realize I know more than I think I do! On Friday I got my companion back and it was great! She is doing a lot better and is 100 percent now! I was very lucky I didn’t get dengue too because they said that if a mosquito bit her then bit me then I would get it too, but we were all clear! 

I want to share with you all a talk that I read for my studies the other day! It’s super good! It’s a talk from Elder Holland. (see link below) It’s talking about being Disciples of Christ! I really liked it at the end and I’m sure you’ll know why when you watch it! I would recommend watching it just to hear the voice of Elder Holland. It has really become one of my favorite talks. We really are all Disciples of Christ and we can show him that through our works. If we love him we keep his commandments, we stay right along with him through any and every hard time. It shouldn’t matter if the hardest thing passes, He is always with us. I know that is true. It’s easier to live with the gospel in your life than to live without it. I love you all and hope you can apply this talk into your lives somehow! Have a great week and plan your family home evenings and have a great time just being together as an eternal family! 

Hermana Velasquez

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