Monday, August 10, 2015


Abraham Smith and his father, who baptized him!
Abraham Smith, 8 years old!
We gave him this cute little ring "Choose the Right!"
Abraham and me!
WoooHoooo! I hit the one year mark!
I hit the one year mark and Hermana Diaz hit 7 months!

My new companion... just kidding! We got to go to the mall!
At the Mall.
Hermanas Velasquez and Diaz at the mall.
 This week was a pretty productive week! On Monday night there was a baptism of this little 8 year old boy named Abraham Smith. His dad is pretty great! He was a less active member for like 20 years then some Hermanas visited him and he started coming back a little. Then recently he started coming back more and more. He received the priesthood about a month ago and was all excited to baptize his son. We went to talk with him like two days later to talk. We asked him about the baptism of his son and he said he wanted to ask someone else to do it because he didn’t feel ready or right with himself to do it. He said that he would yell in the house and that he just didn’t feel digno (I don’t know the word for that in English - sorry I can’t remember). Anyway, long story short, we started working with him and his little boy and more than anything the members really helped him feel better and feel ready to baptize his little boy. It was the greatest thing to see! I was so excited that he was able to baptize Abraham! 

On Wednesday we had a big meeting with the stake about members and missionaries working together. It really worked well for us in our branch! We recently got a new ward mission leader and he is great; their family lives right next to us. He got really excited for his calling and the branch is really starting to help us lots and lots! It’s really fun to see them getting excited to do missionary work. The blessings of those who help in missionary work are very big. For example:

On Sunday night we had a really cool experience. Last week my companion contacted this guy on the bus. We went back to visit him this week and he was super great! He was kinda weird, well, like super spunky, ha-ha! He has two main jobs. He sells bread in the parks and plays and sings on the buses for money. So on Sunday night we went to go see him with a member who is the 1st counselor of the bishopric. We taught him about the restoration of the church and he accepted to be baptized! He accepted by saying: “Well, why wouldn’t I want to be cleaned from my sins?!” He said it to us like it was just dumb if he didn’t. Ha-ha! Well, one of his cousins drove up and he just happened to know the member that was with us, and even better, we found out that this guy was also a member of the church and an ex-missionary. It was pretty cool how that turned out. Because here that really NEVER happens. BLESSINGS.  Anyway, after we finished up the lesson it started raining so we went inside and he played the guitar with the member that was with us and it was the coolest thing ever! They were so good. I have never seen anyone play the guitar that fast. I would have taken a video, but I didn’t have my camera... Well, I just want you to know again how much I love it here and how much I love being a missionary. Lots of times it’s just hard, but I love the stress on the mission and the people here are so much better! I love how I can see just how perfectly put we are where we need to be when we need to be there. I love missionary work and the blessings that come from it! Oh, and Martin received the Holy Ghost yesterday! He is still doing great and already being a missionary and sharing the gospel on Facebook and has a friend that just started getting taught by the missionaries! 

I love you all so much and hope you can also see those blessings in your lives every time you share the gospel! 

Love, Hermana Velasquez

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