Tuesday, August 18, 2015

here in campeche, every week is a better week!

Our last zone picture.

Aaron got baptized this week!

Our last time teaching Martin in the store; he is going to go study. He  got baptized thanks to that drink that's in his hands!
We had an activity for future missionaries for the stake.
These two are my friends in the branch, they are both preparing to leave on their missions; Iris and Arely.
Me and Hermana Alen coming back from Merida today.
Hey fam!
So this week was a pretty good one, as usual.  Here in Campeche every week is a better week.
On Monday there was this crazy tropical storm, it was pretty nutz. We were buying food and it started and the lights went out and there was a river in the road, so naturally we left because we wanted to go home. We trudged through the water and rain to go wait for a bus. We got home just in time for the rain to stop...we were soaking wet as well as our food by the time we got home. It’s just the beginning of the rainy season here. 

Last week we started working with this husband of a member. He recently had a heart attack and almost died. He was really lucky actually. He is a taxi driver and his heart attack started while he was driving someone. He made it to the hospital in time and is now okay. It was pretty crazy. His wife is the president of the socidad de sucorro and his son is an ex-missionary. While he was in the hospital his son was giving him Ensigns to read and he liked them. We went to go visit him on Monday and he was a little hard-hearted to us. The time where he almost died he wanted to change, but since he didn’t die, he is a little bit slower in the changing process. He says that he has a bad past and that it’s hard for him to change everything. He smokes and drinks. We went and saw him two times this week. We read with him about the son of Alma and how he was super bad before and how he saw an angel and couldn’t move his body or anything for 3 days. And how he made this big change. He really liked it a lot. Then on Sunday he came to church with his wife and it was super great! The last time he had been in the building was I think 3 years ago. I was excited to see him there. We invited him to church, but I didn’t think he was actually going to come! Miracles happen every day! 

On Saturday little Aaron got baptized. He has 2 other siblings and he is the youngest. His dad was a member of the church, but died about 5 years ago. And his mom has another family and only sees them about once a year, but lives like 20 minutes or less from them. It’s really sad. So they live with their grandma who is really great! We were able to work with him a little and he got baptized. It was neat because a lot of his family members (aunts and uncles) who are less active came to his baptism and that was good for them to be in the church. 

This week was good and we still have LOTS of work to do here in Alameda and I’m excited to be here another transfer with Hermana Diaz. I get to hang out with them for their day of independence. I get to hear them all do the Mexican laugh... I’m pretty excited for that! Ha-ha! I really do love it here and all of the people. I love this missionary work and seeing all of the amazing blessings happening in other people’s lives. I learned this week that we really are exactly where we need to be in our lives, with who we need to be with. I love you all so much and hope you all keep seeing the blessings in your lives and sharing them with others!
Love you!
Hermana Velasquez! 

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