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 This week was a really good one full of many blessings. The first thing that I learned this week is that it’s not all about me, what I want or when I want it. My mission really isn’t MY mission. Something that is very true that Matt wrote me today is that the Lord is on my team. He wants to see the success in our lives and he wants us to find happiness. I have been so worried about things that really aren’t the most important.  It’s not all about what I want when I want it. It takes a lot of understanding what the Lord wants from you, and in his time. My companion and I have been working really well together in our time here, but a lot of times we are both stuck on what we want to happen and when we want it to happen for our investigators. The thing is we can do all that is possible and teach to the best of our abilities and people still don’t want anything to do with us or this church. They have their agency.  It’s hard to really accept that sometimes because you know how this gospel really could change someone’s life and you can see how different they could be, but it’s only up to them. We can tell them to pray and promise that they can receive blessings, but they have to be the one to act. 

So the great things that we saw in this week: First with the family Foster! We had 3 lessons with them this week and the first one was so bad. We were with the mom and two of the kids and they hardly said anything and we didn’t know what was going on because they are always so willing to participate. We left not knowing what happened or anything. We went back 2 days later just to talk with the mom. We found out that she was having a really hard time with her husband (that she’s not married to) and that they were talking about getting separated.  He is a great guy and we thought he was more interested in the church than she was. She is a Jehovah’s Witness and he doesn’t really have a religion.  Anyways she told us that he didn’t want anything to do with our message. We have always had a hard time with her and her big doubts about everything and always invite her to pray about everything. And she finally did! She told us that she knows it’s true and she wants this for her kids, but she is scared to go without her husband. We talked with her more and convinced her that she needs to go for her children for them to be able to learn. She agreed and said that she can’t go this Sunday, but the next. We said we would stop by Saturday to see if her kids could come with us. So we went back on Saturday night and she said that she IS going to church tomorrow because she knows it’s the right thing to do. We were still nervous she wouldn’t go but there she was waiting for us with her 3 kids. We walked together and they loved it the whole time! She really has changed soooo much over this week its nuts! 

Okay, second blessing of the week: So Vicente, the 75 year old that was singing in the video I sent a couple of weeks ago: Missionaries have been with him for like 9 months off and on and nobody has gotten him to go to church for the life of them. We always ask him if he will go with us and he always says no. We brought a member with us the other day and they hit it off really well. We planned on him coming to church last week but he didn’t end up coming. So this week we were dedicated. We brought the member on Saturday and told him he had to come and we explained what all happened in the church and what to expect. He said that he wanted to go. So we planned in the morning for the member to pass for him. Before church we got there early with the family Foster and I was so nervous that he wasn’t going to come, but low and behold!  I heard his sweet loud voice ringing in the hallways! I ran out and there he was in his little wheelchair and walker in his hands with the member right behind him. I was so excited to see him there I wanted to cry! We got him in there and sat down. He has a hard time hearing so he yells a lot when he talks. During the beginning of the sacrament they always announce the visiting people by name to welcome him. They said his name and he just raised both hands and waved at everyone, ha-ha, it was so great! Then during the passing of the sacrament they were passing the water and loudly he says “is that water?” The member says “yes” and he says “oh wait, let me get out my pill to take.” He whips out with a napkin that had a pill in it and it falls on the ground and he’s trying to fish for it and finally gets it after like 1 minute. Meanwhile, the boy is just standing there in front of him holding the tray. It was just so great! Ha-ha, we explained afterwards that the water isn’t for talking pills.  Ha-ha! He wasn’t planning on staying the whole time but he did and he loved it so much and he wants to come back! 

It was quite the Sunday and it honestly made my whole mission worthwhile. Just to see the change in Veronica Foster and to finally, after 9 months to see Vicente in the church! I know it was a huge blessing and it was just great! It was a blessed Sunday! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Hermana Velasquez

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