Monday, March 2, 2015

The week of stress...yeah, stress.

We had transfers this week! Here's my "new" area...
...and, here's my "new" companion!

We got to have a "tea party" at a member's house!
Here we are with our obisbo!
David is our new ward mission leader.
So this week was pretty crazy. We had people come paint our house this week, talked with some crazy people, found some good ones, and had a day with our mission president. Oh, and yeah, I didn’t get changed like I thought. Still here! 

This week went by super-fast because we had p-day late. We have been having people fixing a ton of things in our house because it’s just pretty bad with everything. So all day Wednesday we had two guys come and paint the house so we got to go next door to a member’s house and study outside and that was pretty nice to do. We had a little Mexican tea party; I’ve got some pics of that, don’t worry! That same day we probably walked about 6 miles. No one was home and so therefore we walked and walked and walked anddddd walked....It was good exercise. After that we went and contacted someone that my companion talked to on the bus, his name is Mario. He is 19 and he’s quite the smarty pants. We had a super great lesson. It started out like this: 
Mario: I don’t want to offend you, but I don’t think religion is important in this world. 
Us: Why do you think that? 
Mario: Well I just don’t have time for it. I am focusing on my career and I need to have a good one so I can make a lot of money and have a nice car, money, etc. (he is going to be a doctor) 

It was a long lesson and he was so stuck on the facts of everything. It was crazy though; he was asking all of these same questions that Joseph Smith had. I asked how he thinks he could get an answer to his questions and he said that he could find out through different books or the internet. He is really into books and facts stuff. Long lesson short, we cracked him and made his realize that religion is important and we had probably the best lesson I have ever had on my mission. It was so spirit-guided it was crazy! I really can’t even explain how well we were both explaining his questions and everything and I’m not even trying to toot my own horn because I know it wasn’t us at all, but the words of the Lord and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 

On Friday we got a call from our President during the day and the President just never calls people and we were freaking out a little. Then he was asking how our area was doing and everything and he was saying that he wanted to maybe split our area and that would be super great! We have been wanting that to happen for this area for a LONG time. Then later that night at 7:00 our district leader called us and told us that the President and his two assistants were going to come into our area all day Saturday to work with us. And that really never happens. So the assistants went off and worked by themselves and we went out with the President all day. Don’t worry - we weren’t doing anything wrong to where we needed the President to correct us. They came to see about splitting the area and the President helped us with our investigators who aren’t married. It was a really good experience for us. A little scary at first, but really, really good! He told us that he wanted to keep us both in the area for another transfer together, so that was exciting for us. 

This week I’m going to hit 7 months and it went by super-fast! I am super excited to be here again, I always thought being in the same area for this long just sounded awful, but I love being in the same area for this long, it’s so fun. I know a lot of people here and all of the moto taxi drivers and that’s always fun! It’s kind of like being at home and seeing people you know everywhere! Well I love you all and hope you all enjoy your week. Keep finding time to read your scriptures and praying. The Lord loves you always, and always wants the best for you! I love you all so much! Happy birthday to Pyper this week! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Velasquez

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