Monday, October 19, 2015

A good week of fun and surprises!

This girl left on her mission last week! Their family is really fun! 

This little girl has just got TONS of energy!
When it rains IT POURS!!!
So first thing; I just gotta tell you all what happened yesterday. NEVER in my mission has this happened. So we went to church yesterday and we had two investigators there and it was really great. Well, during the passing of the sacrament Hidalgo (the old guy that came to church the last Sunday) walks right into the room and says with his deep Mexican voice: “Buenas Diaz Hermanos!" Then this less active, Pascal, that was sitting with us says back "buenas dias"! It was just one of those face palm moments. Then after sacrament I talked to him. Earlier this week we went to go look for him, but he wasn’t there and we heard people fighting (he doesn’t get along with his family) so he tells me that he forgot and that he felt real bad. So we went to the next class and he was talking with Hermana Hoggan a little. During the class they were talking about baptism and he asked her if he could get baptized and she said “YES”! So then priesthood came and we told him to stay for the next class and we would meet him after. So our last class gets over and we race to go find him and then he left...and we were bummed. So later that night we were walking to a cita and we stopped by to see if he was home. Well, he answered the door and we asked him why he left and he tells us. “Well, I was waiting to get baptized but then ya never came back to baptize me and so I just left.” I was just trying not to laugh. So we explained a little more to him about it all and he now has a date to get baptized the end of this month, but we will see what happens. He’s just this cute little 82 year old man that loves God! So tomorrow we are going to explain a little bit more to him. 

Also we both spoke in church yesterday about the atonement. The bishop called us and told us the night before we were going to speak; don’t worry, that’s pretty normal. It went really good. In my whole mission so far I have spoken a solid 12 times. That’s actually a lot compared to others. So I was still kinda nervous to talk, but I prayed for good guidance and I felt really calm during my talk and it went well although I didn’t use what I wrote down at all. After the meeting this guy came up to me and told me “Congratulations!” (In broken English) I just looked at him a little confused and said “thank you?” He said “you spoke fast!” I was just waiting for the insult to follow, but then he said that I spoke very well and that the talk was good of Hermana Hoggan and me. Sometimes I get into my head that I still don’t know Spanish and so I get a little harder on myself than I really should be, but it’s going good. 

It’s just been such a great week and I am just loving it so much with Hermana Hoggan! We have so much fun together and we work really well together. This week I learned lots and I became even more thankful for Christ and his atonement! We have the talks from conference that we listen to every morning when we are getting ready and it really brings the spirit into our house and gets us ready for our studies and for our day. I want to invite you all to do that for this week and see how your days get better. Just in the mornings pull up one of the talks from this conference onto your fancy phones and listen to them and act on what they are saying for the day. It will help you have the spirit present! I love you all so much and hope you have a good FAMILY HOME EVENING tonight! 

Les Quiero mucho! 
Hermana Velasquez

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