Monday, October 5, 2015

Gotta love it!

Hey family! So this week was really good. We worked our little buns off here in our area and we had a pretty good time doing it! We walked and talked to lots and lots of people this week. We contacted a lot and we are pretty set on lessons for this week! We have a good time together and it’s pretty fun being together! 

So our house is really nice right, and it’s big and we can stretch out in our hammocks and all, but there’s always a catch. The house where we stay is where all the missionaries go to die and end their missions. So we had 14 sisters in our house for the first 3 days of this week and boy, was it crazy! We really didn’t sleep at all because people were talking or just waking up early and being loud, but it was also fun to see them all before they left for home. Hermana Bailey finished up her mission and I was able to see and chat with her and that was nice! 

So on Thursday we got a call in the night and one of the investigators that Hermana Hoggan and Hermana Brito had was getting married the next morning. They had been working with them for a while now. The husband is a member and he is from Chile, Vina del Mar…I think that’s how you say it. But from the same mission where Eric and Jacob served their missions! He is pretty cool. We got to go to the court house and see them get married! It was pretty cool! They have been together for about 16 years and have two kids that got baptized like 4 months ago and the mom is the only nonmember, so we are working with her and she wants to get baptized this month, so we will see how things go with her! They are a really fun family! 

So Saturday and Sunday were like the best days ever for me! We were able to watch General Conference and it was just soooo good! I went in with 5 questions that I needed to be answered and in the first session I got 3 answered in the first 3 talks! Then the next day my other two were quickly answered! I don’t think in my whole life I have ever listened so intently at conference. I loved all of the talks so much! I was able to watch it all in English and it was really nice to hear all of their voices! I got a little English sick there for a while but we bounced ourselves back in to Spanish real quick! All of the talks were so good. Some things really stuck out to me. The first being about prayer. How he was saying that we needed to pray with all of our heart and a contrite spirit and then to ponder for a little while after. I was able to do that the night of, and it really works and it’s amazing the answers you can get when you really just kneel there and listen. Another thing I liked was to have a scripture in your mind every week and to really focus on it throughout your whole week! I loved that part and we are going to start doing that here. 

There was a lot more that I just loved and want to apply now and to my future life. The things they tell us at conference shouldn’t be just a week long thing and then we forget them, but to actually live them and apply them. I love you all and hope you can ALL apply the things that you have learned in conference and if you weren’t able to see all of conference PLEASE go watch it all. For your sake and for the sake of your fam! Love you all and have a great week!!!!!!!!! 

Les quiero muchoooo! 

Hermana Velasquez

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