Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hermana Hoggan and I while she tried on this dress from Chile.

I gave some of my birthday flowers to a member
and she then put them in this, 
and this was from one week to the next week... 
they were still there....Bienvenidos a México!

This is Hermana Estella; she is really great! So was always in plays and can sing like nobody’s business! She is a recent convert with Hermana Thomas. (My companion in the MTC.) This is us just singing songs from Shirley Temple, ha-ha!

I put pants on for the first time since the MTC and it was quite the comfy time. I didn’t want to get out of them!

We went out with one of our investigators and a member today to go shopping. Everything was cheaper with them with us! Ha-ha!

We also went shoe shopping in el Mercado! 

This week was just another week of milagros!!!! It also went by really fast and it just seems like every week is going by faster and faster! We found out this week that the next transfer is only going to be for 5 weeks next to 6 weeks. Hermana Hoggan and I got a little nervous thinking we were going to get sent home one week early too, but no our last transfer is going to be a 7 week transfer and I am SO okay with that! I think it will make it go by slower so that’s pretty nice! Ha-ha 

So this week we had another meeting with all the missionaries in Merida and we talked about goals, and in every meeting they always bring up baptizing every week as a goal and I just kind of rolled my eyes at it all at first (don’t worry I repented) so they asked us who really is praying and asking to baptize every week? Really nobody raised their hands. They then explained of a scripture that says if we pray for things that are just and right with faith that we can get what we need. God wants us to baptize every week because he wants ALL of his children to come back to his presents. And that I know. If we are only trying to baptize for numbers well no that isn’t something just to ask for, but if we are asking because we are really wanting to help build gods kingdom well then why wouldn’t it be possible to find people that are ready?

So we put all of this into practice. We prayed and boy did we find! From Thursday we found 8 new investigators that have accepted us and are so willing to listen. On Saturday we found this reference we had from some other people we had contacted. So we go and were just chattin' with him and then with other guy that was working in this house next door came and were leaned up against the wall and I could tell he was listening to what we were saying. Then we sat down on this rock a little bit closer to us and then we just invited him to come listen too and we gave him a book of Mormon too and he was all ears. So long story short I ended up teaching the first guy we were talking to and Hermana Hoggan taught this other guy and his son. It was all just so great! They all live in the same street as the church so after our lessons we went to the church and showed them around and they loved it and the one I taught is Manuel and he’s a student and is 21. He just said that he felt at peace and he just felt good, and the others really liked it too. Then on Sunday they all came to church and it was just so great! It was the biggest blessing we have had here in this area. In this week we had so many more blessings just into our path. 

I know God listens to us and that he is aware of us. He knows what we need and he knows our true desires that we have. I know he answers our prayers and then some! I know he wants to help us be happy and really gain our goals that we have in this life and if we have true desires he will give it to us. Sometimes we are going to have to push our faith a little bit harder, and we will have to overcome some trials, but god is right behind us to help push us through, and then when we have overcome our trials we can receive those milagros. I love this work and I love these people so much! Yo se que dios me ama y esta pendiente de mi todo de ustedes! Les quiero mucho! Tengan un buen día y Oran con su fe! 

Con amor, Hermana Velasquez

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