Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living Close to the Hospital

These were our Halloween costumes this year. I was Hermana Hoggan and she was me! We thought it was pretty good!

We did a service project and painted for a pregnant member.We painted her closet! She’s super funny!

Reca came to town...
This is the great Indalacio. He is a hoot!

This is our great mission leader.
He has a fanny pack full of folletos and cards to give out to people! He also sells cookies on the back of his moto! He is great! 

We made waffles with the Allendes family!
A little baby turtle!
Hey Fam! 

This week went by soooo, soooo fast I really can’t even explain it! For these past 2 weeks we have had other missionaries staying with us for health reasons, because we live close to the hospital. (I’m sure you’re all happy to know I live close) so we have had 3 pairs of missionaries and now these ones that are with us will be with us ‘til the end of the transfer, which is next week. It’s kind of tiring, we just want to be alone, ha-ha, but it’s okay! 

This week we had our interviews with President and it was really good! We have seen A LOT of progress in our area! We have great people that are progressing really well and it keeps us going really well. This week we had a great lesson with Hipolito and it was really great. We taught him and his son Martin about the Restoration and he believed it all and he knew it was true and had no doubt about anything. We explained the Trinidad and that was a little hard for him at first but this guy is so in tune to the spirit that he just felt and knew what we were teaching was correct and true! On Thursday night we went to go visit his neighbor and we saw him and his son sitting outside on the ground talking with Testigos de Jehovah and we just felt so sad. We were really nervous about it. We then went behind this little house and said a prayer that they could remember the lesson that we had the night before and the feelings that they had there. On Friday we passed for them to go to an activity that we had in the church and the dad came with us, and at the end of the activity he tells us “I feel good here in your church and I want you to know that I plan on staying here. I believe what you have taught me is true and I plan to follow it." We were both just so happy and excited for him! He is really great and we are hoping that we can help him continue to grow and come closer to the Lord! He is really great and wants to change. That really just testified to me again that the Lord listens to us and our prayers. At the end of the lesson we had with him the next day he said the prayer and it was so great and he is a wonderful man that is willing to change to become a better person. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

So like I told you there are two sisters staying with us this week. On Saturday night we lost our phone and couldn’t find it, so we figured we left it with the family Allendes.  So before we went home we went to their house, but they weren’t home and we had to get back to the house. We got back and planned and we were waiting for the sisters to come back. We are supposed to be home at 9 but then 10 comes along and they still weren’t at the house. We were debating to go to a member’s house to call them, so we ended up going and leaving the house. We were a little freaked out cuz we have never been out that late. So we went to a member, but they weren’t home. Then to the next and they weren’t home either, so then we are in a little bit of a panic because we are out late and we don’t know where these sisters are! So we go to one more member and we are yelling for him to come out and we asked for his phone and he’s like "yeah, sure!" We are trying to do this as fast as possible. He brings out his phone and starts showing us this weird video and Hermana Hoggan's like "we don’t have time for this we’re not supposed to be out this late!" and he’s like “yeah, you’re right - what are you doing?!” But then we got his phone, called our leader and he said to go home fast because the assistants and Hermana Garcia are driving the sisters to our house. Well, we ran home and saw them all waiting outside of our house all freaked out because we weren’t home. It was all just one big show! We had to explain ourselves of why we weren’t answering our phone and why we weren’t in the house, but all is well in Zion and we have our phone and we can just laugh about this horrible night! 

So this was my week and I loved every minute of it! Hubo mucho mas milagros y bendiciones durante la semana pero esta carta en muy grande entonces hasta la próxima! Les quiero mucho! 
-- Hermana Velasquez 

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