Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Intercambios, Victor's baptism, and the BEST REUNION EVER!

When we went to Hunucma’ for intercambios con las hermanas.

The sisters in Hunucma’.

Hermana Julianna and her daughter Mari.
Hermana Julianna does laundry by hand for a living, since she was 13 years old.

Victor’s baptism!!!!!!
He was SOOOO nervous but it all worked out so great. It was the smoothest baptism I have ever had and we even started early and that NEVER happens!

They had the primary program on Sunday and they all did just so good. These were some of the kids.
Some members in the ward and Hermano Victor!

We went and saw Hermana Silvia in the hospital last night.
This is my cute little hippie friend who is preparing to go on her mission. Her name is Mara!

Best Reunion Ever!
So I have come to find when you have so much to do and when you are never working in your own area, you week goes by nice and slow. 

This week I spent 3 days out of my area working in other areas with other sisters. It was a lot of fun being in other areas working with them but I just feel pretty beat by the end of the week. We went to an area called Hunucma’.  It’s a little pueblo and it was so pretty! It made me very grateful for the areas that I have had. Although it would be fun to be in a little pueblo, I just was excited to get back to my area into the city. 

This week we have been working a lot with Hermano Victor to get him ready for his baptism. We got his interview on Wednesday and boy, was this guy super nervous. He just has that type of personality to where he worries a lot and gets nervous super easily, but everything went really well. He passed his interview and we planned and invited everyone in a day and it was all so great! After his interview was all over and done with he felt more relaxed and happy. The day of his baptism it was all just really great! A lot of people from the ward came to support him and it was a full room. His baptism was very smooth and he only had to go down one time so that was real good! On Sunday after his blessing and all, he was just so happy. We went to go eat with him and his mom and he was just so happy, smiling and laughing with us, it was really great. He has changed sooo much since I’ve been here. Before he was a very serious, timid guy that didn’t like to talk to us a lot. But now you can just see the difference on his face and how happy he is and the spirit you can see in his eyes. 

So lastly, today we have the best p-day ever! We went to PACABTUN! I called and got permission to go back to see Vicente and I went and saw him today and it was the best reunion I have ever had. We get to his house, I yell at it and all I hear is this voice yelling at me and telling me to come in and I just bolted in and the first thing he said was "can I hug you yet?!" and I said “no, still no, not yet” but we had a good hand shake! Ha-ha! He told me that he is doing great and he is loving church and he is very active and goes to ALL the activities, ha-ha! He also told me some great news that he has of yesterday received the Melchizedek priesthood! I was so excited! It was a great reunion and I just love this man so much! He’s like the best little grandpa ever! 

Well, this was my great week and I had so many other great experiences, but I have to have some things to tell you all when I get to talk to you on Christmas! 

I love you all and hope you can see the blessings of the spirit in your lives! 


Love, Hermana Velasquez!  

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