Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving with Apple Pie & Hamburgers!

Happy Thanksgiving with some homemade APPLE PIE!
I showed them how to do the top crust and they loved it! (Thanks for making me learn... I mean teaching me how to make pie, mom!)
We had a day of training for all of the training leaders, with this special breakfast!
Merry Christmas with President and Hermana Garcia!

Planting a garden in old pots, pans and yogurt tubs!

We were given some corn and Coke!  But we can't drink Coke, so we gave it away and ate our corn!
Hello Family. So this week went by real fast. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves in the snow with your turkey, and apple pie! We ate hamburgers. I really have come to find that I eat SO many more hamburgers here than I ever have in my whole life in the United States. I really don’t like hamburgers anymore. 

This Tuesday we had a meeting at the mission home with all of the leaders and it was really good! I learned a lot. We also had a nice breakfast and we ate bacon and I haven’t eaten that in about 16 months, and it was so good! We learned a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it truly is the most important book for us here and how it is the most correct book and how we should always read it to get a full knowledge and to feel the spirit truly every day. I really do love that book a lot. Reading it all in Spanish really has helped me focus even more on what I was reading and I have learned so much from the prophets. I hope all of you are trying to keep up on reading in it as much as you can. I know before my mission I really didn’t understand the true importance of reading in it every day until I really was reading with a good purpose and really wanted to learn something new. I know we say we don’t have time to read every day, but let’s be real here; we watch TV almost every day for at least 5 minutes or more and I think we could use 5 of those minutes to read a little in the Book of Mormon. You will see and feel a difference in your day when you sacrifice a little of your time for the savior to do so! 

We also caught one of our investigators again talking with the testigos and it was a little frustrating, but the next day we talked with him about it and he explained how his son is talking with him, but he just doesn’t feel the same when he is talking with them. He said he just doesn’t agree with them or how they think of God and Jesus. He said that he KNOWS what we are teaching him is right and that he can just feel it in his heart. He also said that he told his boss that he will not be working Sundays anymore so that he can go to church! It was really cool to see that change in him too! Hipolito is just great and progressing so well. I love seeing the change in people, and how they change when they accept the light of Christ to enter into their lives. I love this church so much and I love sharing this gospel with others. I know it’s true and my testimony has grown and grown every week that I am here. I want to challenge you all to try something this month and REALLY DO IT! Every day I want you all to try and find a way to serve someone. It doesn’t mean to give them money or things like that, but just little things to stop and take time to talk with someone or help someone with a little thing. Just think what would Christ do and DO IT! I know this will make your Christmas season so much enjoyable! I love you all so much and really hope that you all try it out and apply it. I love you and hope you have a great December! 

Les quiero mucho! 

Hermana Velasquez! 

Here is a video that you all can use for family home evening to prepare your children for the Christmas season that is now here. Invite them to do nice things for others this month and to remember Christ! 

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