Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello family! Hope you are all doing good and are happy and healthy! I also hope you were all able to show that video that I sent you for FHE last week with your family, and if you didn't, well you've still got today.
This week was another busy one full of intercombios and parties!  So this week we had a lot of meetings. We had one on Tuesday, helping us get excited for Christmas and to start sharing these videos with everyone.  It was really good and a lot of fun to see everyone. That day we went on intercombios and had a fun time sharing these videos with others. While I was on intercombios with Hermana Spencer we had to go to the hospital to get her checked out with some stomach pains so during this intercombio we just were in the hospital all day and it was really cold. There were a lot of other Americans there that day so I was able to talk to some of them and that was super weird and really hard to speak gospel things to them in English. Hermana Spencer was all good and safe after that night so she’s doing lots better.
 On Thursday we went to a pueblo called Uman and we went to this really big choir concert. It was an activity for all of the different churches to get up and sing Christmas songs for others in the town, kind of to promote your church. So we went as a zone and sang. I had to lead all the songs, and NEVER in my life have I ever led a choir and I was really nervous but all worked out well. While we were singing a worker guy came up to fix a mic that was in front of Hermana Hoggan and then all of a sudden the guy tripped over the cord and the mic stand came crashing down and it was just really funny, but all was well and we kept singing. We were able to talk with a couple of people afterwards and it was an all-around cool experience. 
I have a really cool experience that happened with Hermana Hoggan and me on Sunday. We were in the church greeting everyone, but still none of our investigators were there yet and it was going to start in 10 minutes. We went over by the door to see people and we saw that it was raining really, really hard. We called one of our investigators and he said that he was going to wait till it stopped raining. So then we were just talking and Hermana Hoggan just started saying “Heavenly father we want your children to come to church and if you want them to come you’ll make it stop raining.” Then I said something like “we know you have the power to do it, but if it’s your will that they come, just make it stop raining.” We weren’t praying we were just talking out loud like a conversation to each other. I kid you not, less than 30 seconds later the clouds parted and it stopped down pouring. It’s like he just turned off the light switch. After that we ran out and went running to our investigator’s house and brought him to church. Then two others came as well; it was great! I know God answers prayers. He KNOWS the needs that we have and he wants to help us. Even if it’s for a little rain, he has the power to do anything. This was just a confirming experience that God is all powerful! And really does listen to us! 
Yesterday was our Christmas Party with the mission and it was really, really fun!  We went to my old church building in Pacabtun for it and I was able to see one member that’s less active that lives right next to the church, so that was nice to see her and help her a little. During the party we listened to this really pretty choir and each zone sang and it was really fun. We then ate these tacos that were really good, but Hermana Hoggan and I were one of the first to eat and we bit into our food and our mouths were on fire! There was this green chili on it and it was sooo hot and we had already drunken all of our juice so we grabbed some other sisters’ and started downing it. It was just a little embarrassing but well, you’d think we knew better by now. They had a talent show and then all of the people that are going home this week all gave their testimonios and they were all very good and it made me all very sad, but they were very inspiring. 
I had the best week and our investigators are doing great and progressing really well. We have this one named Raul and he is just a hoot! He is hyper active or something, but after teaching him for a good two months or so he accepted a baptism date! He has been going to church for a long time, just didn’t want to commit. But he feels really ready so he is getting baptised the day after Christmas. He is so great and is always sooo happy! I’ll have to send you a video of him next week. He kind of looks and acts like doc from Back to the Future. He just has darker hair. But this guy and people like him just make me love this work so much! Well that’s all for now! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Velasquez

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