Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Changes, baptism, oh - and a fire too!

We had a sisters meeting this week and it was pretty fun! They gave us all flowers and just showed us some love.
I cut Pasqual’s hair this week. He didn’t feel comfortable going to church with his hair like that so I told him I could cut it and boy was it hard! I give you more credit Anne!

An ice cream bike came by so we had a little ice cream break in the middle of the haircut.
The final turn out!
Hermana Priscila got baptized!

I just love this family!
The wind was really strong the other day!
We went to a museo! That’s a human hand with a chicken foot!
We went and bought some doughnuts today! They were good!
Hermana Manzano ended her mission and another, Hermana Montoya

The hammock wait for our cambios to come.... we got them in the morning because they were still changing things out.
Hello my beautiful family! 
Just on a side note: everyone who sees our family just loves to tell me how beautiful you all are! First they say WOW- your family is huge! Then they find that I’m the only one not married and then they just kind of laugh at me for a sec, then they move on just looking at all your beautiful faces, but really the people here just love ya. 

Okay, well first, this week was super crazy, but in a really great way! We saw so many blessings and it was really great! I LOVE BLESSINGS! Anyway, just to start we went over to Pasqual’s house and he is a less active and he is reactivating, but he told us that he felt bad going to church with his hair how it was so I just told him, “go look for some scissors and I’ll just cut it right now!” So he did and we had a good lesson while I cut his hair and it looks pretty good in the front… I can’t say the same for the back side, but it’s okay… he wears hats... ha-ha!

Also Priscila Allendes that’s from Chile got baptized on Friday and it was soooo good! We were able to go back and help her get ready to get in the water and it was so cool. She was really nervous, but it all went good! She didn’t really plug her nose, she just kind of smacked her face and then went down, but in a very graceful way. It was cool to see her husband’s face as she got baptized; he was really excited. She was the last one in her family to get baptized. And now they are preparing to go to the temple and be an eternal family in the next year! 

On Sunday we had a wonderful lesson with the son of a member. His name is Victor and he almost got baptized before I got here and then decided against it two weeks before, and from then on he just hasn’t wanted to do it.  He goes to church, but didn’t want baptism. So we went to his house to go talk with his mom, but she wasn’t there so we talked to him. We talked to him about why he didn’t want to get baptized the last time and the lesson was really great and we felt the spirit really strongly. He really opened up to us and shared his worries and one of the biggest ones was that he didn’t want to be a bad member and mess up anything. That just showed us that he really was ready because he wanted to do it all so perfectly and be the best kind of member he could be. So at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized again and we let him wait it out in silence for like a whole two minutes and you could just see the fight of it all in his face. It went from no, to maybe, to yes. It was cool how you could just see it on his face. Then he accepted it and got so excited about it all that he just shot right up onto his feet and said “YES, YES I WILL DO IT!” We got him to sit back down, and we set him a date for two weeks and we will see how it all goes! He is really great and he is just such a good person and is ready, he just needs to feel ready for himself.

So we had changes and we were scared. The good news is that we will be staying together! We are so excited about that! The other news is, is that they made us sister training leaders and we have NO idea what we are doing, but we will learn together. Normally they put you with someone who has already done that, but not us!  We are just gonna figure it out and see how it all goes. We are really excited to be together and keep working together! I love this gospel and I love missionary work! I hope you all have a great time seeing all the blessing poor into your lives this week! Have a great day I love ya all so much! 

Oh, PS: Our stake center literally burned down on Friday. It was really sad. We were walking and I saw smoke clouds and I was like “look - there’s a fire somewhere” and Hermana Hoggan was like “no, those are just clouds” and I was like “NO.  I know smoke when I see it!” And yeah, it was the stake center right next to the temple. But nobody got hurt. 

Les quieres mucho,
Hermana Velasquez

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