Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Feels a little like home! This city is a lot like Nacho Libre...

Hola familia! Como est├ín¿ I am here in Merida a town right outside of the big city. It is flaming hot here and I am sweating like crazy! Yesterday we had a long training we had to do, and then we got to meet our companions! My companion is Great! Her name is Hermana Manzano. She is from El Salvador.  It’s going to be a pretty interesting time because she speaks no English. Like none… and I speak hardly any Spanish so yeah, this is really going to be pushing us both a lot! We are in for a treat! I already lover her though! She is very patient and helpful with everything. I am really excited! When we had our meeting with the mission president, he had us say what kind of companion we wanted and he just said he might put me with someone who didn’t know English and I was freaking out a little. It’s all ok now!
So yes, I am sleeping in a hammock and it not so comfortable at all. Ha-ha but I love it! I’ll try and send you a picture of it later! We don’t have AC we just have a fan so it’s always hot! COLD SHOWERS ARE NOW MY FRIEND! I don’t think I would ever appreciate a cold shower as much as I do now! We don’t have any warm water, but I wouldn’t want it anyways ha-ha. With the toilet, it doesn’t flush so we have to throw a big bowl of water in it and that flushes it. It’s seriously the greatest thing ever! I love it all! I know that sounds so weird, but I really do! Oh and our house is full of bugs.  And my companion won’t kill them so we have lots of little friends living with us. Ha-ha! It is just her and me living in the house.
Yesterday when we got to Pacabtun (the city where we live) we dropped off my stuff then went to appointments she had set up. I was super nervous, but it was so fun. We sent and talked to a new member, some investigators, and less active members. It was really cool. I just sat there and listened for most of the lessons, but it was still so great! We then walked about 2 miles to the church house to meet the ward mission leader, and I think the bishop, and one other person. I don’t really know who they all were, and I don’t really know what they were all talking about in the 1 hour and 15 minute meeting, but I’m sure it was great! All I understood is that we need help from the members to get references. So that was cool. Before those appointments we went and bought eggs and bread, so this morning we ate eggs and bread for breakfast!
So, today we are going to go eat at a member’s house after we’re done emailing, and I’m not going to lie: I’m super nervous! For the food, and for the lesson!  Ha-ha! But I know it will all be great!
So my apartment is pretty sweet! Yes, I do have a hammock and yes, my toilet won’t flush unless you throw a big bowl of water down it, and yes, we have little friendly bugs everywhere! I honestly do love it all so much! But I’m still going to have to get used to the sleeping situation, ha-ha, it’s pretty uncomfortable, but it will get better!
So, yesterday we were walking to the appointment we passed through all of these little streets and everyone was playing music and it was just so great! I can’t explain it, but it felt a little like home! Ha-ha! It made me so excited to be here! So, this city is a lot like Nacho Libre if you were wondering… The little motor taxis are great! Ha-ha! Everyone drives crazy here. The people are so great and nice! I really am so excited for this and couldn’t imagine anything better to do with my time than be here with all of these wonderful people with their amazing culture! I love you all and I’ll write you again on Monday and send you pictures; the house and bed, and just all the goods! Ha-ha! I love you and thanks for all the support you’ve all given me!
Con Amor,
-      --    Hermana Velasquez

p.s. There is a little area in my area called Fidel Velasquez. I thought that was cool. Quick funny story - when we were walking to that area, the whole time I thought we were going to visit someone with the name Fidel Velasquez, but come to find out it was a little town. Ha-ha!

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