Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 "Best Day Ever!"

Here's my district with our teacher!

Me and Hermana Hoggan

I only have 2 weeks left in the MTC and I am trying to make it the best two weeks yet!

Okay - for the good stuff! This past week wasn’t bad! Yesterday was probably my favorite day here. We started teaching two real investigators! It’s really scary but so good! Their names are Heely and Jose! They are married and have 5 children. They are Catholic and are so fun to talk to. They are from Guatemala. But I had an amazing experience with them on Monday. I have been trying so hard with the language this week and let me just tell you the power of tongues is soooo real! It was an amazing lesson! We talked about families and the gift of the Holy Ghost! In this lesson I was solely being directed by the spirit. I didn’t know why I was saying the things that I was, but it was exactly what I needed to tell them. I was able to understand what they were saying better and I was able to say want I needed to in Spanish. Words I didn't even know I knew. It was just an awesome experience! I love them so much, they are really amazing people. They told us they were worried about their children and needed help with what to do, so we had them start reading the book of Mormon as a family and I told them that would help, along with praying. I really think it will help them so much. We challenged Heely to not drink coffee and see the blessings that would come into her life when she did, and she is doing it! It’s amazing she told us that it’s not hard for her to stop drinking anymore! It was the best feeling ever!

So moving on to last week: It was great getting to kind of talk to you mom and dad! As I sat in the Health Center office, I could hear your voices over the phone while she was talking to you! I am going to the dentist in Orem tomorrow at 2 so it should hopefully be fixed soon! I’m pretty sure dad thought my tooth was chipped when she was talking to him, ha-ha, but I had her clarify more, ha-ha.

So, funny story time. I don’t know if I already told you this or not but last week I think it was I got a letter from one of my friends from Rexburg and I knew it was his wedding invitation so I came up with a pretty good plan. We get our letters every night as a district and everyone opens them real quick when they get them. So when I opened mine from my friend I said really loud "HE GOT MARRIED?!" Everyone stopped and looked at me and one of the other Hermanas’ was like "wait, is that him?!" and then I fake-cried for a few seconds and pretended he was waiting for me and everyone felt so bad. Ha-ha, then I told them all I was joking and they just laughed and were saying they didn’t even know what to say. It was just great! Ha-ha!

But yesterday and today have been great and I am really happy here and I just cannot wait to get to Mexico! I love you all and thanks for the wonderful letters and loves! I need your addresses so I can send these letters to you and your children before I leave here! Love you all so much and hope you have a great week and stay safe! Mom and Dad, I am so happy you made it to Hawaii safely and I hope you have such a great time there and are safe! Don’t do anything stupid while you are there! Just have fun - sooooo much fun! Love you all again and I really truly do love my mission and being here at the MTC so much! It is an amazing place. The lessons I teach here really do make me that much more excited to get to Mexico! Love you all tons!

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