Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visit to a Mexican Hospital

Here it is... my colorful BED!

So I had really really bad stomach pain...and had to go to the doctor and get it checked out. The first doctor we went to said I had appendicitis. So then we went to another doctor and they said I didn't have it and that I might have an infection of some sort or something like that. So they had to put an iv in me and I had to pee in a cup, and then I had to get blood taken and it took 6 doctors to get my blood, because my veins are so small! Ha ha! So yeah, it was an interesting day! I ended up not having anything of what they said I had. I just had bad stomach ache and I have had diarrhea for a week now, so that's been interesting....The bathroom is now the new hangout spot for me. I haven't pooped my pants YET but I'm afraid that day is going to come real soon...I sprint to the bathroom every time I eat. I can't hold the food down for too long. So I think I've been losing weight so that's pretty cool! Ha-ha, I have pills that they gave me that have been helping a lot! The picture is of the bruise from them taking my blood; don't worry, it looks a lot worse now. Ha-ha, but seriously, I am just fine and I don't have stomach pain anymore, just pooping a lot. :)
My brother, Adam, lost no time in sending me this via email upon hearing of my tummy troubles! (Nacho Libre)
 So this week started out pretty rocky with the whole hospital visit, but luckily I was on splits with another sister from Utah that could speak Spanish really well and she helped translate all I was feeling. So that was a blessing! We were in the hospital for about 6 hours. The president's wife was there with us helping us out and there were two other sets of missionaries at the hospital sick!
The bruising from the IV

So after all that happened my companion got sick with a cold and cough and could barely talk so that was really a challenge for me, because I couldn't understand her very well. It really pushed me to talk a lot in the lessons though! The lessons were great this week! We have three investigators that have a baptism date! I am super excited! In two of the lessons I really felt the spirit so strong. It was really amazing! We had Lewis (an investigator) watch the video of Joseph Smith's first vision. He was watching it and you could just see in his eyes and how heavy he was breathing that he could really really feel the spirit. And in all the midst of the dogs barking and the kids playing really loud, and the people talking in the background, we were all so focused and you could feel the spirit so strongly in that moment. That's something that I know I will never forget. And after the video we each bore out testimonies and asked if he would be baptized and he said yes. We were really really excited! That's pretty close to what happened with the other two investigators. But one other named Claudina thought that the three members of the godhead were all the same person so we had to straighten that up first.

It's amazing to me how the spirit can be anywhere if you invite it, under any situation if you invite it, the spirit can always help you.

Next story! So we had this crazy drunk guy come and talk to us about our church and he was arguing with my companion about how we weren't correct teachers because we didn't have the bible memorized. It was really interesting... This was yesterday while we were talking to an investigator outside of a store. Don't worry; it was in the day time and there were a lot of people around. Anyways, so he started yelling and I was just standing there not really understanding much of what he was saying, because he was yelling with a slur, ha-ha, so I'm standing there staring at my companion and shes talking with him and the investigator is just sitting there and I'm standing there trying not to laugh! Then he randomly started backing away from us, (because he was getting kinda in our faces). Anyway, he got quiet and backed up and we didn't know what was going on? Then behind us were two big hermanos from our ward that came and stood behind us. Ha-ha, it was great! It really freaked him out because they literally came out of nowhere. They both just got back from their missions pretty recently so they were backing us up and the guy left and the hermanos were just laughing the whole time. It was pretty great! They are pretty big guys! About the size of Adam. They both came with us to teach some lessons that day so it was great to have them there to help us out! One of them actually served with Andy Price on his mission in Mexico! I was telling him about how I was from Idaho and he said he had a companion from there, and said from Pocatello, and come to find out it was Andy! So that was pretty cool! It's quite the small world!

So on Friday night we got the call....the call to speak in church. I freaked out, I'm not going to lie. I can´t speak the language yet and they wanted me to give a talk. I was so nervous! So I wrote my talk the day before and day of. It was on the gift of the holy ghost. I wrote it all out all by myself! I was pretty proud of myself! Ha-ha! So on Sunday  was praying that I would be able to pronounce the words correctly and everything. And I did obtain the gift of tongues! My talk went pretty dang good if I do say so myself! I was surprised at how I wasn't nervous and it went really smoothly! So I feel a little more confident, but i know it wasn't just me talking! I also gave my testimony in Spanish and English so that was pretty neat!

On Sunday night it rained really really bad. My companion lost her planner in the rain and then we went home and were locked out! So we live right next to some members and their sons got a fishing pole and a broom stick and stuck them together and then stuck it through the window and were able to open the door with the stick! it was pretty great! Ha-ha! So we got in and all was well!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Hermana Velasquez

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