Monday, May 11, 2015

Half-way through the mission!

Happy cinco de mayo! We spent cinco de mayo in the house while I was sick! It was quite the fiesta! 
What day is it??? Hump Day! Half-way through my mission!
One of the CrAZy hills here!
The baptism of Jose! He is super great and they told their son that’s on a mission that his dad got baptized that day and he had NO IDEA! 

Hey family! It was really great seeing you all on Skype yesterday! You all actually looked so much different and YOUR CHILDREN, they are all so big! I was so thrown off my Lucy, Jackson and Pyper! It’s sad that they had to grow up, but it’s just part of the circle of life, ha-ha. Thanks for talking with me and sorry I was talking like the whole time, I didn’t get the chance to hear much about all of you! Thanks for listening! I am in a missionary mode of wanting everyone to have the chance to get a hold of this gospel. I have thought about our extended family a lot here on the mission, because so many people here remind me of them all! Ha-ha, I think it’s cuz they’re Mexican! I want to share with all of them about this great plan that we have from our Heavenly Father. I know living the gospel truly brings happiness and I want that for our entire extended family! I also know that I overloaded on you about all of the poverty that’s going on here! My heart breaks for these people! 

This week our fasting and prayers were answered. Jose, who was the only member of his immediate family who was not a member of the church, was able to be baptized yesterday! He just surprised his family a while ago and said “it’s time that I join my family”.  He has a strong testimony and was somehow able to get this Sunday off of work, which is a very rare thing, and we pulled together the baptism in a matter of 3 days when we found out it would work! Then, yesterday on their Mother’s Day skype, he was able to surprise his son who is on a mission with the news that he got baptized!!!

So, this week I hit the half-way point of my time here on the mission! I didn’t burn anything; sorry brothers. I thought about burning a bra, but we got home tired and decided to sleep, ha-ha! I just want to tell you all how much I love you all and how happy I am to be a missionary right now. There is NO other thing I would want to be doing with my life right now. I love serving the Lord here in Campeche and the happiness this gospel can bring to a family! I know that I will be blessed in the future with this time I spent here and all of the great things I have been able to learn here. This has been the best/hardest 9 months of my life and I can’t wait to see what the next 9 bring! I can really enjoy these next months and learn even more! I love this gospel and the chance I have to bring others to it! Love you all so much!

Always be grateful for what you have.
Read, read, read your scriptures.
Share the happiness you have in your life with others.
Love, Hermana Velasquez

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