Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listen to the Spirit, because He is the teacher here...

Here's Hermana Hoggan and me right before we went to see Elder Bednar.
Here I am with Iris, a member.
This morning when we were on our way to go shopping we stopped by the ocean!

This is a church here in Centro de Campeche.
This is Esmeralda, our investigator who has a tumor.

Picking wyha
We went and picked wyha with some members from their tree.

Some fun coca's.

Okay I've got lots to say today:

Starting with Monday night. We went over to visit Esmeralda to see how she was doing because she was in the hospital all weekend. When we saw her she had this HUGE black eye and scrapes on the other side of her face. She had a hat on, trying to hide it. We asked what happened and she said she got robbed and someone punched her, but shes a bad liar. The next day we went back to go find her, but found her little sister. She said that she moved across the street into a different room. We went down and found her in this little dark room with her little boy. Her eye looked worse and she wasn't all there. She told us she didn't have food and was wondering if we knew someone who she could work for to give them food. She had been fighting with her mother and moved. We went to the little store on the corner and bought them water, bread and ham. We came back and talked with her for a bit and helped feed her little boy. When we were talking to her we really didn't know what to say so Hermana Hoggan started talking about the Pioneers and all of the struggles that they went through. It really was a moment that I won't ever forget. Just sitting on this dirt floor while Hermana Hoggan is sitting on this mattress that's just on the ground with her, and her baby is just crawling around. Two days later we went back to check up on her, and she was doing a lot better. They had gotten food and she looked and sounded a lot better too! We talked with her about hope and faith, And boy does that girl have a lot of hope for what she's been through! She is really great and is a great example to me to stay happy in the hard times, and keep having hope. 

Okay, Friday we went to go see Elder Bednar and boy did my testimony grow! If i had any kind of doubt before about this church, well no hay una duda! He started off by telling us not to take notes and to just listen to the Spirit, because He is the teacher here, and it needs our full attention. It was a little bit of a question and answer thing and also he just asked us questions too. While he was working with us he would pause and ask us if we are hearing things that weren't being said. I was getting a little frustrated because I felt like I wasn't getting anything. While people were asking questions I was trying to think of one to ask because really, how many times do we get the opportunity to do that!? But when I would think of one it would be answered. It was really cool in the parts because I started to feel the Spirit and really hear those things that it wanted me to hear. I learned so much and I felt the Spirit so strongly! It was really the testifying power of the Spirit that was in that room. I was able to hear the things that I needed to hear. I felt my heart open up more and more as he was talking with us. I really can't describe it very well, but it was just great and he helped me so much! The biggest thing I learned was to listen to the Spirit because He is the teacher here. He taught us how to be agents and act, and not be objects where others make you act. 

Also one last thing. There was this guy that just walked into the church yesterday and was super timid to come in. He cuts hair and he's pretty cool! He said that he was on the bus with his friend and his friend just left him, so he just got off and started walking and ended up in front of the church. He said he didn't have anything else to do so he just came in. We are going to visit him tomorrow and we will see what happens! 

Love you all, and hope you all have a great time together today for Memorial Day! Do a big FHE together!!! Okay, bye:)

Hermana Velasquez! 
...Oh and I'm still with Hermana Hoggan!

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