Monday, May 18, 2015

...the mission ISN'T the best thing that will happen in my life...

Children that I just love! These 3 kids are from an investigator and they are so cute; they have close to nothing, but they are the happiest kids I know! I gave them some of the stickers that you sent me mom!

This little one is named Abraham and he is a hoot! He is hyperactive, but really funny!

The Hermanas in my district for our last district meeting in this combio.

We went to Domino's!

Hello friends!

Here’s a recap of last week for mom. So last week on Sunday one of our investigators Jose’ got baptized! He is the only member of his family that wasn’t a member. His two children are members and his son is on a mission, oh and his wife is a member too. Before he HATED talking with the missionaries, then one day he told him that it was time for him to be together with his family and get baptized. I didn’t get to have the chance to teach him too much, it was mostly the other two missionaries, but I was able to see him get baptized, and it was so great to see. His wife and daughter were sooo excited! They skyped their son that night and the dad told him that he got baptized! It was amazing because he had NO idea that he was even taking the lessons with the missionaries. I think that would be the craziest thing to experience on your mission! And now when he gets back they will all be able to enter into the temple and be sealed!

Yesterday we had a really cool experience with the President of the branch. We went in to his office for branch council, but only he was there, so we sat down and had a little chat with him. He ended up having a breakdown to us about a lot of things that actually really helped me. He was talking to us about how there are a lot of returned missionaries that are now less active and how it’s actually a really big problem. This is some of what he told us: The mission isn’t the best thing that will ever happen in your life, it’s only the first. You will be sealed into the temple to a spouse, and then you will have the opportunidad to have children. With them you will have so many different spiritual experiences. It’s not just in your mission that you will get to have these great things come into your life. The things you take away from your mission, good or bad, you will still use them. He also said to keep helping out the bishops and the ward as long as possible and really cherish your callings in the church as much as you cherished your calling as a missionary. He was just so sad to tell us about all of the less active members that are former missionaries. He also told us lots more like how we need to marry someone that will push us to be on a higher spiritual level, and that we can keep pushing one another to always have a stronger testimony. He told us lots more and he cried a lot and it was really sad how concerned he was for us and for all of the missionaries and returned missionaries. He taught me a lot in the 45 minutes we were in his office. More than anything he reminded me to keep cherishing my time here as a missionary. It really does go by fast and I will never be the same because of it. 

One last exciting this this week; on Friday we are going to Merida to go and have a meeting with Elder Bednar! He is coming to talk to different groups of people and one of them is the MISSIONARIES! It will be really great, I’m sure. We will be in there for 3 hours with him. I’m pretty sure it will be one of those questions and answer things with him, and that will be really neat! I’m pretty excited for that! Also we have changes this Sunday, but I’m pretty sure Hermana Hoggan and I will still be together for at least 1 more change! We are also going to start an English class in the church so that will be fun to do as well! We are going to try and get some investigators that way! 
Well, I love you all so much and hope that all has gone well with you this week! Keep reading your scriptures and praying and have fun with your family Home Evening, and if you don’t have anything planned for FHE, start planning!!!!!

Hermana Velasquez 

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