Monday, May 4, 2015

Seeing them how the Lord sees them…

Washing my hammock!
The killer stairs that are EVERYWHERE here!
We got to visit a CASTLE today!
Today was my favorite p-day yet!

So, the story is.... this crazy witch lady started building an ark.  She died, but the remains of her ark are still here.
Best. Day. Ever.
This is the nice member of the ward who took us to the Gulf of Mexico today. She is my cousin... she just married into the familia Velasquez!
lovin' Campeche!

Just love my companion, Hermana Hoggan! (yes, we share our clothes!)

Hey fam! So this letter’s not going to be so big because I want to have things to tell you over skype on Sunday! I don’t like the weird silences! I hope that I can see most of you there! And if not, I understand. Don’t worry about it if you can’t, it’s okay! 

This week we went and ate with this less active family and their son that is 19 and is less active. He left his home to be with this Melaleta. They are like Amish people that look American, but are from here in Campeche that dress like Amish people and don’t talk to ANYONE. He went to their pueblo to live with a girl there. His mom was really worried about him and he was gone for a year and wasn’t talking to his family. His mom was really worried about him so she fasted for him to come back, and he came back 5 days later to their home. When we were eating with him we were trying to get him to come to church and he just  kept saying “no, I can’t do it.” He was nervous people would judge him for what he did. And guess what happened. The kid came to church! And not only that, he went up and bore his testimony! It was the greatest thing ever and we were just both smiling sooo big! We also got this other menus activo to come to church too! She hasn’t been for about 3 years and she came with her daughter and said she felt so happy to be back! 
Something that I have learned from Hermana Hoggan is to really learn to love people here. I thought I knew, but really, that girl knows how to love those members, less actives and investigators. This was something I was really trying to do this week. The other day when we were walking there were some kids that we yelling at us outside of their house, they wanted us to show them the video that we showed some other kids that lived on the same street. We had them ask their mom if it was okay, and then they came down. One was 12 and the other was 10. They came down and just started asking all of these questions about us and where we were from and what’s it like there and everything. We showed them two videos: “Gracias a el”, y “Gracias a que el vive”. The first one we showed they were just soooo focused on the video and just smiling so big. It was really weird, I was just watching their faces while they were watching the video and I just felt the biggest love for them, and I didn’t even know them. I got a little teary eyed too, and I still don’t know why. I just felt like I was able to see them how the Lord was seeing them. It was a neat experience.

Well, this is all and I’ll tell you more on Sunday when I get to see all of your smiling faces! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Also those pictures of today at the beach and stuff -- it was really cool -- a member took us around to the Gulf of Mexico and to all of these other places! It was by far my favorite p-day! 

love ya mucho!!!!!
Hermana Velasquez!

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