Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Baby, it's COLD outside!

I went and saw some people from Pacabtun for the last time today.
While I was washing my clothes outside this morning it was soooo cold! I had two sweaters and a coat with my pants and two pairs of socks!
Also we found a HUGE spider! I killed it with that stick that’s in my hand!
With some new converts: Rony, Angel, and Gabrell.
With Hermanita Diana en la capilla!
This pizza right here is probably the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten in my whole life.

Hey Family! 

So this week just flew by really fast with a lot of COLD breezes. 

This week I have been dying from the cold! I really don’t know how cold it actually got but I sure felt bad! I had my rain coat on all week! I remember last year everyone  had their big coats on and I thought it was so funny that everyone felt so cold in the "cold" here in Merida. I am now one of those people...I love the heat. I think Heavenly Father is just really trying to prepare me for when I get home! I thought I was looking forward to the snow, but after this week I don’t know if I can handle it! Sleeping in my Hammock in the cold really destroyed the excitement I had to live in the cold again! 

This week was another great one! We had good success! So first: news on Diana: this little girl is AMAZING! We went and saw her Miercoles and she was like "so, in seminary I learned about this"...and I was like "wait. WHAT?! SEMINARY?!" Then she goes on to tell me that she goes with the other youth to seminary in the morning at 5am. I was like "holy cow, you're amazing!" She went every day last week! Also I was talking to her about family history and she’s like "oh yeah, I already have an account and have already found a couple of people." And I was like "oh, well okay then! ha-ha" Then I went on to telling her how we wanted to show her a video about a person named Jose Smith and she goes on to tell us the whole story perfectly of the first vision. Then she tells us that she saw the movie online in lds.org. So teaching that lesson was a breeze. To be honest, I really don’t feel like we are doing much to teach her because she already knows EVERYTHING! She is her own convert! Then on Sunday some other girls went and passed for her and brought her to church, and she loved it all. She really is an amazing little lady! Also Guellermo went to church yesterday and loved it as well! 

Yesterday we went and had a lesson with a girl we contacted in a tienda. She is super cool! She has 19 years and has no religion in her life, but feels like she needs to know her Heavenly Father better. It was a cool lesson. We talked about how she can come closer to Christ through repentance and baptism and we explained the atonement and she accepted to be baptized in the end of Feb, so we are going to see where that goes! She really is very interested in the church and really opened up to us on a lot of things and she said what we explained about the atonement really applied to her. Her name is Fabiola. I’m excited to see how it all works out for her! 

Also on Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary live conference with the General Presidency. It was really cool. They basically gave us a training about how we can use the atonement and repentance and apply it to people better. It was cool to be able to be there and learn directly from the apostles! 

Well family, I hope you have a great week and you apply the atonement in your week and really feel the love and mercy of your Savior. He is wonderful and loves each and every one of us!

Les quiero mucho! 

Hermana Velasquez

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