Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I have learned a new meaning to the phrase "Timing is everything".

We were stuck in the mud for a little while, then we made our way out, washed ourselves off, and now we are running in the field of flowers! 

It’s AMAZING the changes we have seen in this area and with us as missionaries in only 5 weeks. This week made me NEVER want to go home. So on Wednesday we found this man that is named Guellmo. He is 76 and lives alone. His wife died 3 months ago and he is depressed. He let us right in to talk (well we can’t go in, so we sat outside). He explained to us how he was really sad and how his son died 8 years ago and he is really sad to not be able to see them again. Let me just tell you how much I LOVE teaching people the plan of salvation in moments like this! When he heard and realized that he could live with them he got really emotional and really felt the spirit. You could just see the hope in that man’s eyes. He is a person who really is amazing and loves to learn. He has a sad past, but wants to change his future and more than anything he wants to live with his family forever. He accepted to be baptized and he is very committed to it too! I really know this guy will progress and more than anything live with his wife again and his son.

On Sunday we had stake conference and it was really good. They talked about the plan de area Mexico 2016 and it was really good. It’s going to help others make metas to take the santa cena more dignamente. And to pay tithing and fast. It was all really good. I was able to see Raul from Garcia Gineres and that was great! So after, we had to get to our area to go eat and we ended up waiting for the bus for an hour. And at like 45 minutes of waiting I started praying and just asking for some help. I had faith that a bus would come so I got up and said “it’s one of these!” And 3 buses passed and it wasn’t any of those and that hurt my faith a little, so we sat back down and just prayed again and explained “I know it’s in your timing and I’m sure there is a reason that we have been sitting here for an hour waiting, but PLEASE bring us a bus. Only if it’s your will!” So then about 5 minutes later our bus goes speeding by so we ran after it and it surprisingly stopped and even backed up and that never happens! So I thought that was a pretty great blessing. So we were sitting on the bus and 5 minutes later, low and behold one of our missing investigators gets on the bus with her daughter and she saw us and came and sat with us. She then proceeds to tell us that she went to the stake conference that we were at and we were like “wait, WHAT?!” She said a member invited her so they went and they really liked it. So we were finally able to make an appointment to go visit her this week. I KNOW as a missionary we are the instruments in God’s hands. Even if that means waiting on a curb for an hour. He has a plan and HE has a purpose for everything. I know we needed to be on that bus in that moment because there really was no other way of finding her! God loves us and he really is using us in his work. 

Later last night we went to go find this girl that also went to stake conference all by herself. The Obispo told us about her. He gave us her address so we went looking for her. Her name is Diana and I have NEVER met anyone like this girl before. She is 17 and has been living alone since she has had 15 years. Her parents sent her here to study high school because it’s better than her house. So we go and she lets us right in. I have never met a more prepared person. She told us that one of her friends is a member and she went to church one time with her and then she went to church two times after that all by herself. She said that she just felt something really different in the church. She felt like it was something that she has been looking for, for a long time. She said she felt the spirit and she wants that repeatedly in her life. She then showed us this necklace she got that says “soy un hijo de dios” and then she showed us that she found the church app and has been reading the Book of Mormon. She did all of this by herself because she felt and knows she needs all of this in her life. She basically shared her testimony with us of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really is amazing. She accepted to be baptized Feb 13 and I have no doubt that she will reach that goal. I’m sad that I won’t get to see it, but I feel VERY privileged to be able to know her and see her own conversion she made herself. She is a very brave young girl from living alone in a big city, to going to church all alone. She really is a good example to me!

There were many more things that happened this week I really can’t even explain it all, only that God really has a timing for everything and for everyone. I know that I need to respect his timing better and follow it and be more in tune with it. I love my Heavenly Father and know that he is aware of me and every one of his children. I know he can create milagros. HE is a father all powerful and very merciful. HE wants us to be happy. HE knows what we need to reach that happiness, it just depends on us if we want to act on our part to reach it. I LOVE this gospel and I feel even more privileged to preach it and teach people the love that HE has for us! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week and I hope that you can feel the love and mercy of your Heavenly Father every day. Be patient with his time. Timing really is everything. God knows best! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Velasquez

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