Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Final Interview, Temple Trip, and... So Cold at 68 Degrees!

I got to attend the temple today!
Hermana Hoggan, Hermana Velasquez, Hermana Cockerham

While waiting for interviews last night.
It was a late night!

Our zone activity
It was a pretty great moment to eat hot chocolate chip cookies!

This lady was making a hammock.

Hello beautiful family! I don’t have much time to write at all, but all is well in the mission. This week went by really, really fast! On Tuesday it was really cold and it made me really not want to go home! I was dying and I think it was only like 68 or higher but I was so cold. I am not going to complain about the heat anymore.  

On Monday night we had an activity with our Zone and it was a lot of fun! We had a PiƱata and it was really fun and nice to get some stress out on that thing! Also one of our zone leaders bought one of those lanterns off of Tangled that light up and fly away. So he had us say the deseos that we have and then he wrote them down on it. Well it was all a very bad idea because that thing exploded up in flames and an elder had it in his hands. And well, good thing I know a good one or two things about fires because I grabbed this big jug of water that was sitting on the steps and like a fountain I put that fire out. It was all pretty funny actually!   

So on 7 of enero was the Day of the Kings and they have this bread that is a circle and there are little plastic baby Jesuses in it. They have parties with this bread and everyone that is there has to cut a part and see if they got one of the little Jesuses and if they did on 2 of Feb you have to buy everyone tamales. They were pretty good. Also this day is like #2 Christmas for them. The 3 kings come down and give the kids MORE gifts. It’s pretty weird, but hey. So yesterday I was going to have my last interview with president. Early, I know! Well I got there at 11 and Hermana Hoggan was there waiting too. Well long story short, all the dying people went out to eat and our companions went and worked, it was kinda sad. Hermana Hoggan’s comp is with mine as of yesterday. I’m not really sure how that’s going right now because they are both in their training... So yesterday we went to president’s house and waited to have interviews and while we were waiting I made chocolate chip cookies and they were soooo good! 

Then I ended up going to sleep in Garcia Gineres with some other sisters and we got to the house at like 10 at night and then we ended up not having keys, so we went to the office to go and find some keys to the house and we finally got home sleeping at like 12 in the morning. It was quite the show. Then this morning we got to go to the temple with everyone and it was really great. I loved it there so much. I really felt the spirit there very strongly. I forgot how beautiful it is to be there. And how strong the spirit is in the Temple. I have a long time since I have had the chance to go in. Not being able to go in a lot has really made me want to go a lot when I get home.  It’s been kind of a weird two days. I still have 3 weeks and I think that’s helping me not feel sad yet. Usually they take us to the temple the last few days, but they are closing it for awhile so we went early. 

So one really cool and also sad experience we had this week was in a lesson we had. We were teaching an investigator about baptism and how it’s really important to follow the example of Christ exactly. To have your whole body in the water, at an age that is old enough and with someone who has the power and authority of god to do it. She understood everything we said and she believed us too but she was so stuck with her traditions that she has and said that she was good with her baptism and all. It was just really sad because she knew that what we were saying was very correct, and she felt the spirit. We were with a boy that is preparing for his mission and we all really testified with power that it was something very important to do to follow him exactly. We all felt the spirit there, she just didn’t want to act on what she was feeling. I still love her and I have faith that maybe not now, but another time she will accept this gospel and apply it to her life. I do love this gospel so much and I love being able to hear and feel the spirit strongly like we felt in that lesson. I love you all so much and hope you all have a great and happy week! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Velasquez

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