Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13, 2015 One of the hardest, but best at the same time...

My zone with Elder Valenzuela, one of the Seventy that came at last transfer.

My 4th of July popsicle!

Me with Hermana Vera... she feeds every Monday. She's great!

Hermana Vera buys us pizza!

Me and my companion, Hermana Diaz!

We ate with the bishop and he and his family made us dress up and they took our pictures.
On Septemer 15 they have all the kids here dress us like little war Mexicans
 with fake bullets across their chests and guns, and the little girls have it too!
Ha-ha, it's pretty funny! 

I got burnt pretty bad...

My agenda.
I am not going to lie; this week was one of the hardest, but the best at the same time. I really felt the love of my Savior and the prayers from you all! In the beginning of the week I was on a high level of stress. I was sick, and tired all the time because of the bugs in my stomach, and I was stressed about having a new companion. This was the first time for me to be with someone who has less time than I do. With Hermana Hoggan we have the same time and we knew the same things and all. If one of us didn’t know something the other one did. With my new companion, she depends on me to know everything and really that’s how it should be. I was nervous because 1: she is Latina and 2: she is newer to the mission. I was nervous that I wouldn’t understand everything she said, and 2: that I was going to have to do everything with the lessons and all. After the first two days of being stressed I realized that’s not how it is at all. 

The Lord is not going to let me fail, I am here to do His work and He will ALWAYS be right here along with me. I was given my companion for a reason in this area and boy, do I love my companion! She is so great! At first I didn’t know what to think about it all, I was just mostly scared. Everything is great and she is funny and makes me laugh so we get along good. She talks like George Lopez and it’s really funny and she knows how to do the Mexican laugh and is currently teaching me how to do it. She is from Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico and has 22 years. We work together really well in the lessons and everything. I learned that I can rely on her for things and I don’t have to do it all on my own and it shouldn’t be that way. Companions do things 50/50 that’s why there’s two of them (that can also apply for marriages -- remember that) She is learning a lot and so am I. She has been helping me on my Spanish lots and to better my accent! 

This week we had LOTS of work and we saw lots of success from our hard work. We found a new family and they accepted us really well and they came to church this week and loved it! We have also been teaching this boy and his mom who work in a tienda in our area but live in a different area and they are super great and are getting baptized in the next few weeks! They will be getting baptized in a different ward, but we are the ones who have been teaching them because they are never in their house. So we teach them and the other elders in the other ward are teaching them on Sundays. They are both really great and I just love teaching them! I always just feel super happy after every lesson! 

Thank you all for the prayers and the support always! I really can feel the love from you all! I am doing well and my health is back to normal! I love you all and hope you can continue to feel the love that our heavenly father has for you and for your families! Look for those blessings in your life -- always look for chances to share them with others! 
Love you all and have a great, safe, fun week! 

Love Hermana Velasquez

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