Monday, July 13, 2015

June 29, 2015 A jam-packed church for Stake conference

We ate some dragon fruit on Saturday with the familial Torres. It was super good and they made some juice for us too.
I have an addiction to natural juice. It's super good here!

Hermana Beti and Daniel.

Us and some members that are getting ready to leave for the mission. Arely and Iris.

At stake conference. With Corazon and a random Elder in the back!

 With Hermana Garcia, the wife of President while we were waiting for interviews.

We found this cool painting in Los Flores.

Yep. We make a good companionship!

Hola familia!
Hope those of you who are in Cali are having a great time and are safe! Don’t get burnt too bad! This week we had rain like crazy! It’s pretty nice because it cools things off, but when the rain ends it just gets humid and hot again, but for the most part it’s cooled down a little.
Yesterday we had our stake conference and it was really good! The whole church was just jam packed with people. All of the rooms in the stake center were full with people that were watching it on tv's. I have never seen a church so full. They talked about the same themes that they did for you, mom (councils). Our president came with his wife and spoke; they did a good job too. After that we had interviews with President Garcia and that went well.
Beti and her son Daniel came and they were all dressed up so nice and pretty! We have him all set to be baptized on Saturday and he is so excited. We have both learned a lot of patience with him over these past 4 weeks! He has gotten to like us because we give him a reward every time he answers things. Last night for example, to get him to talk we did pushups or jumping jacks or squats for every word he said. I think the most I had to do was 10, ha-ha! He really is such a great kid and his mom is super great. They have both been through a lot, but they are now making their way back. The biggest thing I learned this week was how important it is to work with those less active members, because it really is worse for them if they knew and were baptized than if they didn’t know anything at all. I made that my Meta when I go back home and for the rest of my life. To visit those people who really do need the help for them get the Spirit back into their lives.
I love ya bunches! Hope you all have a great week in all of your endeavors! Keep up on your reading and have a great time with your families tonight for family home evening. And if you weren’t planning on having it, you can repent now and get something planned! :) Love you all!
Hermana Velasquez

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